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Best Laid Plans - Victoria BC Newborn Photographer

Isn't it funny how things turn out? We spend so much of our youth daydreaming about the future, about being an adult and starting our own families (tell me it's not just me!) but at some point, it seems like all those plans end up in the toilet.

Noelle, (age 6) told me the other day that she can't wait to be a mom so that she can do whatever she wants all the time.

I think I'm going to laugh when that dream is crushed by reality.... and then I'll hug her lots.

When I first met Heather and Andy during their Maternity photo session in Victoria BC, Heather mentioned that this baby was long awaited. They had suffered through years of infertility and I'm sure while they were enduring that time, some childhood plans and dreams seemed like they were laid to rest.

When they finally (and unexpectedly) found themselves expecting a baby, those yearnings and plans were resurrected with new dreams of parenthood. Those dreams began with a healthy pregnancy and birth.

But, when Heather found herself facing some emergent medical complications and sweet Austin was induced at 35 weeks, plans fell apart again.

This beautiful family has been through the ringer, but the good news is: Austin is here, and he's PERFECT and so much better than anything they could have imagined!

Plans and dreams and yearnings all seem to fall apart, but maybe that is just some cosmic preparation for parenthood (where nothing ever works according to plan!).

It is such a joy to photograph Newborn babies and their families because this is such a fleeting time where everything feels just a little bit closer to heaven.

Congratulations Heather and Andy on your gorgeous baby boy!

Fawn Lily Photography is a Newborn, Baby, and Family Photographer in Victoria BC, Canada. For booking information please contact me.

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