The January Blues

Isn't it ironic that early January is so full of dreams and goals and aspirations that then the rest of the month tries its very hardest to uproot and destroy? Our mid January was inaugurated with more weeks of covid lockdowns and cold weather. Okay, it wasn't really cold. Somedays have even been above-zero-pleasant; but for this west coaster, when it's still snowy, and icy, and the tulips aren't sprouting yet, well, it's cold. So, I guess that's my excuse. The excuse for why nothing noteworthy has taken shape on our homestead as of late is because it's January, and we're in the bleak midwinter. That's enough right?

Owen - lost in the snow

Oh well. Let me tell you what is happening. Zach bought a bush wacker and is in the market for a chipper so that he's ready when warmer days arrive. The back part of the acreage is just about ready for fencing. I have a lovely vision of how our yard and garden areas will look. And, I am doing excellent on my 365 day photo project (which you can follow along with on Instagram).

Nora - Scrunchy Face Smiles

I recently figured out how to make rolls and weren't rocks, but today, my pizza dough was a bit crunchier than it was meant to be. Leavened bread is likely going to do me in. Thanks to a three day wait for a Click and Collect Grocery Order, and an emergency milk run, we ended up with 8 gallons of milk. So maybe we are homesteading more than I thought we were. Clearly we aren't very good at it yet since a. we HAVE 8 gallons of milk, b. we haven't made cheese or yogurt or sour cream yet (and indeed have no intention of so doing), and c. Max dropped a frozen gallon jug of milk on the garage floor and cracked the jug and now its thawing in a bowl in the kitchen, waiting to be strained for plastic shards.

Max, the milk jug breaker, catching some snow

And, I'm doing my best amid all the chaos of life, homeschooling, five babies, and covid regulations to get ready for some Valentine's Day Mini Sessions. More on that one in a couple of days.

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