Homesteading the Jenkins

We left Sidney BC in the summer of 2019 for my husband, Zach's career. We left a house by the ocean, a home I had known forever, family nearby and a circle of friends that were family. I also left behind an established photography business and a lovely little home studio.

After a year in Regina (we ALL know how much fun 2020 was), we find ourselves just outside of Edmonton on a small rural acreage with five little homeschooled kids and a dream of a cow and a camera in hand. And a lot of snow (but I'm hopeful that's not permanent).

I have often tried to blog photography sessions I have taken. I have tried to blog for my business but I'm terrible at it. I'm terrible at it because I was trying to tell stories that aren't mine to tell. So, if you'll indulgence me being a little personal on this platform, I'd like to share some of our stories here with you as we homestead our small plot of land, and also ourselves.

Don't worry, the photography work goes forward with much gusto, in fact, I have a studio opening very soon in Onoway Alberta. Shortly after we moved here, my parents followed us and bought a ridiculous castle-esque house in a tiny village called Onoway. My mom is an artist and found herself with a massive art studio space in her castle-house so she decided to share with me. I am excited to re-open the studio portion of my little photography business shortly and be able to offer lots of fun mini sessions, newborn sessions, and photography sessions out of the snow! So, stay tuned for that. For now, we will carrying on dreaming of cows and chickens and warmer days ahead.

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