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What to Bring to a Studio Newborn Session - Fawn Lily Photography

You've just had a baby and are preparing for your newborn photo session. If you're anything like me, this generally means that you haven't slept in weeks. everything hurts, and with all your energy going to keeping your new baby alive, you don't have a ton of space left for thinking.

Your scrambling to pack the diaper bag, and all of a sudden, you can't remember if you're supposed to bring anything to your photo session beyond the baby.

So, here's a quick reminder of what to bring to your Newborn Photo Session with Victoria BC Newborn Photographer Fawn Lily Photography:

1. Your baby:

Please, don't forget to bring your baby. And while you're at it, dress your baby in a simple sleeper (nothing that has to go over the head). If you feel compelled to add layers for warmth, bring along a few cozy blankets too.

2. Your family:

If you have opted to do a family portion during your newborn studio photo session, you will need to bring along your partner and any siblings. Please dress everyone in either a dark or light colour. I typically photograph my families on a white bed and a dark backdrop so if you want to go all out, a light outfit and a dark outfit for everyone is a bonus. While posed on the bed, I will generally have you remove your socks and shoes so please consider a little toe maintenance before hand.

Children are welcome in the studio for a Newborn session during the family portion. After the family part is done, they are encouraged to leave. Often, my families will arrive in two cars so dad and the kids can leave after the family part. If this isn't possible, I am happy to recommend local parks and activities.

* I love kids, I love your kids. The studio is small, hot, quiet (to encourage a sleeping baby) and full of expensive equipment so it tends to be much less stressful for everyone if siblings leave after their part is done.

3. Baby Necessities:

Here's a quick checklist of things you should bring along for baby for your newborn photo session with Fawn Lily Photography:

- Diapers/ Wipes

- 2-3 blankets (might get soiled)

- a soother * even if you don't plan on using one (and you are not morally opposed to it), please bring one along. They can be very helpful to soothe a baby when posing.

- A way to feed baby. If you are bringing bottles, bring more than you think you'll need. Breastfeeding is welcome in the studio.

4. You do NOT need to bring any props, outfits for the baby to be photographed in, or other things for the photos. You are welcome to bring along a sentimental or heirloom item that you would like included in the photos but please send me a picture beforehand so I can plan on how to incorporate it.

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