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How to Plan Family Photo Outfits


Let's jump right in, shall we?

Tip #1 to plan your family photo outfits is to start with mom.

I don't know about your family, but in my family, I am going to be the pickiest and most difficult to dress (thanks to the four children I grew and birthed). Even more than my three year old who gets changed 99 times a day, if I am being honest, I am the one likely to pitch a fit that "I have NOTHING to wear!!"

So when I'm planning outfits for my family, I start with myself. I find something I feel gorgeous in. This helps me to be confident and comfortable during the photo session.

Tip #2 to plan your family photo wardrobe is to consider your house, the season, and what you already have on hand.

When I am picking out my outfit, I start to formulate a little colour scheme for the photo session. I generally base my colour selections on four things: 1. Something I find that makes me feel beautiful. 2. The season and temperature, 3. The colours and style of my home where I plan on hanging the photographs, and 4. What we already have on hand. When I consider these four elements, I can usually pull together a colour scheme that works and that I am very happy with.

Tip #3 to plan your family photo outfits is to add in texture and diversity.

After I've got my colours selected (ie, Neutrals, pinks, olive green, and jeans), I make sure and incorporate some texture and accessories into our wardrobe. Anything that adds a bit of variety is good.

So, there you have it,! Three tips to create a beautiful and pulled together look for family photos! Stay tuned for an article on some common pitfalls to avoid.

- Sarah

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