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Emma & Rodolfo's Wedding - Fawn Lily Photo & Film

I had a great time filming Emma and Rodolfo's Wedding at the LDS Temple in Vancouver and their reception in Sidney. It was a real pleasure to witness the love and excitement of these two starting in on this, the greatest adventure.

Emma was so sure she wanted these moments videoed instead of just photographed. And, I agree. I fall in love with video every time I do it. It is such a beautiful platform to be able to never forget and never ignore all those tiny little things that add up to a happy life.

The other day, I found my husband Zach's journal from when we started dating and to read about his feelings was both so funny and so lovely. It brought me back to those moments of uncertainty, boldness, and excitement and the tender memories of new love. What I wouldn't give to be able to have a visual, moving record of those feelings like this.

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering Family Films. These are short 6-10 videos of your family doing everyday things. I will spend a few hours with you getting footage and then will put that together to create a family film that speaks to your family. It will show you all the things you never want to forget about how they are, how they look at you, and how you love them. Family Films are a real treasure and it is an absolute dream to be able to bring these to you.

The first FIVE bookings will receive an incredible introductory offer! Check out the Info Page for the full story.

- Sarah

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