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What to Expect AFTER Your Photo Session - Victoria BC Family Photographer

You guys, the hour or so we spend together taking your photos is just the beginning of the process (for me anyways!)


You just sit back and relax for the first part, and I start the serious computer work.

First, I import the images into professional software. There, I cull the images and narrow down the gallery. At this point, you might be screaming BUT WAIT! What about the images that don't make the cut? What if there are adorable shots in there? Well, there aren't! Haha! The process of culling is to remove unfaltering images, duplicates, or images with soft focus, missed focus, or missed composition. The galleries that I do deliver are robust and full of varied expressions and moments. Following a cull, I do a basic light and colour edit and select a few images for a sneak peek (if desired).

While you are still sitting back and relaxing, I open up the sneak peek files and do a complete edit on them, followed by the rest of your gallery. This process can take up to three weeks (I have four kids, remember!).

When I post the sneak peeks, I post them on Instagram and or Facebook. If you can comment, tag yourselves and share the sneak peeks, that is an AMAZING way for you to endorse Fawn Lily Photography and to help a girl out. It seems like such a small thing that maybe it feels insignificant, but truly, engagement on social media on your post is the driving force behind my little business.

You should get a couple of emails throughout this process so please have a peep in your spam folder if you haven't heard from me in awhile.

When your gallery is ready for viewing, you will be emailed a link. The first day, you will get a link to a slide show of you images. This is just for fun and happiness. The next day, your work begins as your Ordering Gallery link will arrive. This is a simple gallery view of your images with a shopping cart on the side of the page where you can place your image order.

In case you haven't got the message by now, but you can order your images in digital format and or printed. I offer all kinds of art and albums. If you would like an in-home consultation to discuss the different types of wall art and sizing, I am more than happy to do that. Just email me and we can set up a time.

When you are ready with your order, you can check out. Your Print Credit should be automatically applied at checkout (and I say SHOULD here, because, you know, sometimes we forget things). Payment can be paid through email transfer or Pay Pal (and here's a tip: if you want to pay by credit card but don't have a pay pal account, it's no problem. You can use the Pay Pal platform to pay by credit card.). Oh, AND I offer Payment Plans too! Email me to chat about that.

After payment is received, I will upload your images anew into a downloading gallery. The downloading gallery will still show the watermark but when you click to download, the watermark vanishes. It's magic.

You will receive a new link in your email and just need to access the new gallery to download your digital files. Any printed products will be available for pick up at the Sidney Studio when delivered.

At this point, you are done to enjoy your images. I have a referral program going on though so make sure to send your friends and they tell me you send them and shortly, you will find yourself with enough referral credits for a very special prize.

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