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Best Season for Family Photos?


I don't have a favourite season. Do you?

Spoiler alert: I don't even have a favourite season for photographing family sessions. Now, the summer is definitely easiest in terms of weather cooperation, but it is also hardest in terms of ideal scheduling times and harsh sunlight.

Each season has some lovely things to offer in terms of getting your family photos so let's discuss some of those pros (and cons) here below.

First up: Winter

Everything is a little bit brown (and dead looking in the winter) - but Vancouver Island has a lot to offer in the winter. Picturesque evergreen trees are EVERYWHERE. When it snows, it's lovely. When it doesn't snow, the scenery can be a bit mucky and rain tends to threaten at every corner.

But, winter light is lovely. It tends to not be super cold here in Victoria even in the winter, so we often are able to do family photos in the winter if needed.

If your personal aesthetic is a bit darker and moodier, winter is perfect!

One Disclaimer though: Winter at the beach is never a good idea for photographing families with small children. It's just too chilly.


Spring is wonderful for family photos. It tends to warm up, there are flowers out, and the world is alive with blossoms and pretty things. Golden hour is earlier than in the summer (the hour before sunset) so scheduling tends to be a bit easier and more conducive to kid's bedtimes.

But, on Vancouver Island, it does RAIN a lot in the spring. Weather is fickle. I once had a maternity session that we arrived at Beacon Hill Park THREE times only to be faced with more rain each time. We had to reschedule FOUR times before we actually did the session. That was annoying, and potentially troublesome as we were beyond Tammy's due date by the time we got the pictures done.

Spring has a brighter colour pallette and a lighter and airier feel to the images.


Summer is truly a lovely time of the year for outdoor family portraits. The weather tends to be pleasing, the sun gives lovely light if used appropriately. It's warmer, more pleasant, and generally more fun for children. You don't need to cart around a bunch of coats or worry too much about toddlers slipping in mud puddles in the middle of the session.

But, one of the down sides to getting pictures done in the summer is that we are much more constrained in terms of hours in the day. The sun is high in the sky and harsh throughout most of the day. So, I try and schedule summer sessions about an hour before sunset (a little earlier if we have a high tree line), but that can be a challenge with little children who generally go to bed around 7pm. Beaches tend to be more populated during the summer which can pose a small challenge also.


Similar to Spring, Fall is wonderful when it's light and beautiful, and kind of depressing when everything is rainy and muddy. Scheduling can be a pain as we might get rained out here or there. Like winter, Fall lends itself towards a darker and moodier edit, but the soft, golden sunlight of fall is too stunning to ignore. Many people opt for fall family photos to use for their Christmas cards.


Well, in my humble experience, ALL of them! I generally change up the colours of my home decor seasonally and it is my favourite part to change up my family portraits to reflect seasonal colours and feelings too. It's fun. You should definitely try it!

And, to get you started, this year, I am offering both Spring and Fall FAMILY Mini Sessions Outdoors. Generally outdoor family sessions are reserved for full storytelling sessions, but what can I say, I love you guys!

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