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How to Prepare for a Successful Cake Smash

This year, I set a goal to have a {refined} sugar free year. So far, I have kept my promise to myself (it's January 10th, guys). Anyways, it's safe to say that I have cake on my mind.... so today, I'm going to share with you my top tips for a successful Cake Smash.

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I know you've been on pinterest. Admit it. You've been scrolling through hundreds of images of cakey babies with balloons aplenty. I know you've seen the babies happy, smiling, and SMASHING a cake to pieces. But the truth about Cake Smashes is a little bit darker. Haha. Just kidding. It's not dark. But it is usually more orchestrated.

Victoria BC Cake Smash Photographer, Fawn Lily Photography, How to have a successful Cake Smash

Typically, babies show an amazing amount of disinterest in the cake. At worse, they are petrified of it (or maybe it's me?). I would say about 1/10 babies decimates the cake without a little extra help but 10/10 babies cry at some point during the session.

So, we're dealing with amazing odds. right?

Well tip number one for a smooth and successful cake smash is to set expectations that are on earth. Here's my goal: to capture your baby around her first birthday and her reaction to cake, balloons etc and this age. We generally get a smile to two, usually some belly laughs at some point, and almost always an unhappy moment or two. I absolutely do my best to make sure things go as happily as possible but please don't be discouraged if things to array. Remember, we are recording things as they really are (mostly).

5 tips for a successful cake smash, Victoria BC Cake Smash Photographer

Tip number two is to please schedule your session when you baby is typically happy and make sure baby is not tired, and not hungry. Those two things go along way in terms of session success. Once, I had a client come in the week baby started day care. Things were not going well at day care, and things did not go well during to cake smash. She just didn't want mom to put her down at all. I generally recommend that you come in around 11 months. Something weird happens to babies at one. They can become apprehensive about other people and about 90% more opinionated about everything even though at 11 months they were happy-go-lucky little lambs. Seriously, come early.

And, even though your baby LOVES food, please please please do not expect your tiny little baby to devour the cake. That is an extremely rare reaction. So tip number 3 is to expose your child to cake before the session. The second exposure is almost always better than the first. During the session, I will usually have you eat some of the cake yourself to show your child that it's yummy. I will also have a knife on hand to chop off a little section of cake so it is more accessible and more smashable. If you are bringing your own cake to the smash, please make sure and have it at room temperature. A cold cake can be very difficult to smash.

Cesar Cake Smash, Cake Smash Photographer, Sidney BC

Tip number four: please bring along: some favourite music, some small snacks (puffs or cheerios work well), and a towel, as well as other typical baby things. I find a favourite song is the best distraction when baby is feeling a little bit unhappy to to get some smiles out of a more serious little one.

And tip number five: please try to stay calm and to relax. Your baby will feel any stress or anxiety you are feeling and will respond to it. Be cool, and we will have a wonderful time together :) I do three different parts to a cake smash with the option to add on a family section on the bed. So, that means that baby will be happy during at least one part haha :)

Winter Wonderland Cake Smash, Cake Smash Photographer, Sidney BC Cake Smash Photographer

If you are ready to book your Cake Smash photographer in Victoria BC, I have two types of Cake Smashes available and they are both awesome! Email me at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com for more details!

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