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We All Grow Up - Victoria BC Newborn Photographer

My "baby" was napping and I sat down to continue working on Beckham's Newborn gallery. I do so much editing, sometimes it gets a bit robotic, a bit routine.

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But as I started in on the macros and saw his sweet little newborn lips, it hit me.

It hit me and sat on my lungs, choking me. I was overcome with the feelings of emptiness, sadness, and bittersweet heartache that accompany the thought that my sweet babies are growing up.

Maybe it's the new year, or the fact that I've been looking deep into Beckham's newness all afternoon (that grin, those lips!), I don't know. Maybe it's that my littlest munchkin who obstinately refused to walk until recently is now embracing his newfound independence.

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But what I do know is it's here. So, I'm going to make my silly willies laugh today. I'm going to tickle and chase them. I'm going to listen to them, and let them do the things we almost never have time for. We're going to make donuts (and very possibly, for dinner).

I'm going to take that time today because it's very possible the opportunity won't be there tomorrow.

One of the things I'm most passionate about is making a record and a legacy of love in my family. That's why being a photographer is the best job for me. I love it! In 2019, make it a goal to record some of your own everyday moments. Remember, and don't regret.

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Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC Newborn, Baby, and Family Photographer. To book a session, please visit: www.fawnlilyphotography.site

- Sarah

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