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3 Tips for Getting Emotive Wedding Photos - Victoria BC Wedding Photographer

Do you ever look back on your photos and wonder why on earth you're making a stink face in every picture? One of the things that drives me batty at weddings and during event or documentary-style photo sessions is the lack of direction I can provide to help make sure you aren't making silly faces or slouching or.... insert whatever weird thing you do here.

But when I was capturing these images from Krystal and Arick's wedding the other day, I didn't feel that at all. They were so invested in this beautiful moment that I was too. I photographed this wedding while wiping away my own tears because it was just so moving.

And I know when this bride and groom look back on these photos after many moons, they will see that same love, that same connection, that same hope for the future that they felt during their wedding. They won't see silly expressions or double chins.

So, I thought I would isolate three things that I noticed about Krystal and Arick to help those of us who don't get to a place of natural emotion as well.... naturally.

My First tip for how to get the wedding pictures of your dreams is to understand exactly what that means. For me, I want pictures of all events in my life that allow me to travel back to that time; to feel the feelings; to remember deeply how I felt and the magic of it all.

When I look at these images from Krystal and Arick's Island View Beach Wedding, I see exactly how they feel. I see the depth of the love they feel when they look at each other. I see that there isn't anyone else present to either of them. I see their journeys, their travails, the complications of their pasts and their hope for the future together. To me, this is true beauty. This is emotion.

If the wedding photographs of your dreams enable you to travel back to that moment in time, then, keep on reading.

My second tip for getting the natural, emotive Wedding pictures of you dreams is to let go of everything when you walk down the aisle.

This wedding started late. Important guest were missing. It was windy and cold (even though it was August). And while the worker bees may have been feeling the stress, as soon as I saw Krystal and Arick, it was clear that they weren't. They didn't seem bothered at all by the time, or the weather, or any other detail that wasn't picture perfect.

Give yourself permission to be in the moment, to feel and to experience your wedding without worrying about all the bits an pieces you've been meticulous planning for months (years??).

And that leads directly to Tip number three for getting authentic wedding pictures that show your love: let yourself feel the feelings!

Okay, no one wants to see pictures of my ugly crying face (I am not a graceful crier, I know this). But the truth is my "I'm trying my hardest not to ugly cry" is much much worse. I'm going to bet yours is too. I'm sure it's the suppression of emotions that lead to the odd, contorted faces we are all guilty of making on occasion. Embrace the feelings, let yourself feel all the things and the joy and happiness will shine out too just as it does here for Krystal and Arick.

And you will end up with wedding photos that truly document not only how you looked, but how you felt; and how you felt about each other.

The joy of marriage is pretty obvious on Krystal's face here!

To a lifetime of love and happiness!

Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC wedding photographer. For inquiries, please email fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com.

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