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The Newborn Options - What Kind of Newborn Photography is Right for You? Fawn Lily Photography

You're having a baby! Congratulations! Preparing for your little ones' arrival is the best part of pregnancy - sure sure, the baby flutters are good too, until they are full blown kicks determined to break your bones.

Amid all the many decisions new parents have to make, mostly blindly, is a very important one - one that has a shelf-life that is much longer than which soother you should buy or if you should use one of those at all. This decision is: How are you going to record your child's infancy? What kind of pictures are you going to have that your sweet baby will look at over and over and over again as he grows?

The options (not unlike with soothers) are endless. You can rely on your smart phone, or uncle Bob with his fancy camera to capture fleeting moments of newborn-hood. You could hire a professional photographer (you should definitely do that), but even then, there are so many styles and types of newborn photography, so you need to be a bit more specific about what your vision is.

At Fawn Lily Photography, I offer a few sessions that cater to the Newborn Crowd in Victoria BC. Here is an explanation of each so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to Newborn photography:

In Studio Posed Newborn Session

First up is my most popular option: an in studio, posed newborn session. This type of session is long. It usually takes about 3.5 hours. And, baby's can be fickle so this session really needs a baby under 15 days old. You will arrive at the studio, and we will start with a few shots of baby posed with mom and dad (either swaddled or naked), and images of baby with any siblings (if applicable),

From the parent and family poses, we will move on to wrapped poses. I always start the baby-only portion of the session by wrapped baby and putting her a various props. It is a great way to get baby to go to sleep nice and soundly.

After a collected of photographs where baby is swaddled, I gently unwrap baby and we start on the naked poses on a giant beanbag. I cycle through 4 beanbag poses and a few natural poses if baby allows and use a variety of headbands, hats, and accessories.

We stop and feed and or soothe baby as needed throughout the session (it ends up being a fair amount usually).

The most important thing to know about an in studio posed newborn session though is regarding the output. The images you will receive in your gallery are curated and masterful. They are beautiful and adorable, and lovely, but here's what they're not: natural. Don't get me wrong, every pose is comfortable and safe, but rarely is a baby posed in a natural way during these sessions (except during a brief session on the beanbag if baby is asleep enough). And, they are almost always asleep (that's the goal anyways).

So, if you want stunningly beautiful curated, POSED images of your newborn, the is the session for you.

If you prefer a more natural, lifestyle approach, I have two other options for you:

1. A Fresh 48 Newborn Photo Session

I have to be honest here, Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions are some of my favourite photography sessions. After all, who doesn't love seeing a fresh brand new baby at 2 days old?? These sessions are defined by their name. A Fresh 48 Session happens within 48 hours of birth - usually in the hospital (but in the case of a home birth, your home is also fine).

While in studio newborn sessions are curated and posed and perfect, a Fresh 48 is about capturing the raw, the real, the authentic. All of your baby's tender fresh details will be documented, as well as the beautiful connect between parents and the new baby. Big siblings are invited to attend the session too if applicable. The aim of the this session is to tell your story as you prepare to bring a brand new soul home to your family and your life.

Please note that this is not intended to be birth photography (as with four kids, I cannot accommodate the unpredictable hours associated with birth photography) but more the "day after."

2. An In Home Newborn Session

If you like the idea of a natural, authentic, and real representation of your life with a new baby and your newborn baby himself, but not the ideal of a hospital setting and hospital wardrobe, then an in home newborn session might just be the ticket. In home newborn sessions are usually booked within the first month of baby's life. I come to you during the day (when your home is filled with light) and we usually use a big window, the master bed, the nursery (if you have one), and the living room for some photos. I definitely provide lots of guidance on how and where to sit, stand, and hold baby but the session is more relaxed than the in studio variety. It is a Lifestyle Photo session at it's finest.

Click HERE for some more details on what exactly a LIFESTYLE session is.

As part of the session, I love to photograph beautiful family moments on the master bed or couch, but also those everyday parts of parenthood, like changing diapers, feeding, burping, and swaddling.


What kind of legacy are you going to leave for your sweet babies to look back on? What type of Newborn photography speaks to you?

Personally, I am a little bit crazy... and I like IT ALL! So, for people like me (are you like me?) I have created a bundle package where you can select 4 sessions for the first year of your baby's life: Maternity, Fresh 48, Studio Newborn, In home Newborn, 3 month Milestone, 6 month Milestone, 9 month Milestone, or Cake Smash. To see more of my Bump to Baby Bundle, click through.

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