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What to Expect from your Family Photo Session with Fawn Lily Photography - Victoria BC Family Photog

When Lily and I were discussing her vision for this year's family photos, she mentioned that she would love to do a session at a lavender farm.

I got to work connecting with all the local lavender farms to make this happen for them. There are a few factors when working with specific venues: cost, and scheduling are the foremost considerations. In regards to the Lavender Farms, what I found to be the most crucial consideration what whether or not they had any lavender left in the fields. I spoke to three different farms from Sidney to Sooke to Cowichan and they had all cut all the fields a few days before my inquiry. Whomp whomp whomp.

But, she already had some dresses on order so we altered our vision a little bit and came up with a great idea: a old rock staircase with cascading galvanized buckets of lavender surrounding them. It was going to be epic! After a trip to Victoria Lavender Farm (unfortunately now closed for retirement), I even practiced the set in my yard.

And this brings us to point number ONE about what you should expect from your Family Photo Session with Fawn Lily Photography:

I will do whatever I can to bring your vision to life.

But point number two is not too far behind:

You can almost certainly expect something to come up (rain, closures, grumpy kids etc) during your family photo session.

Lily sent me an email just prior to their session date. The dresses were not here yet! They would not arrive before the session. So without too much fanfare, we pushed her session back from a Thursday evening to the following Saturday evening.

I arrived to the location early. We had decided that the back steps of Hatley Castle were the PERFECT spot for this vision to come to life. But, as I drove down the long drive to the back of the castle and the parking lot, I had a sinking feeling. There were a lot of vehicles present. There were a lot of people milling around in fancy attire.

As soon as I got to the back parking lot and saw the big white tents set up on the back balcony (EXACTLY where I was envisioning this photo shoot) I realized that of course there was a wedding! It was a Saturday evening in the summer! Duh!

So the first two dream locations were simply not going to happen.

It's okay though, because point number three about what you should expect with your family photo session with Fawn Lily Photography is:

Location is NOT a big deal.

Woah! What? I know!!! It's crazy, but it's true! The particular location is not that important to me. There are two elements that ARE important to me in outdoor family photography (that do impact the location); but in a of itself, I am happy with most locations. The things I'm more concerned with are: 1. Connection. Are you happy and connected with your family? Yes? Good... and 2. Light. If the location has a spot where the sun is working for me, then I'm happy.

On the day of Lily's Lavender session gone-wrong, it was overcast so we had a cart blanch location wise. At the bottom of Hatley Castle is a lush pond and grassy area. It is serene and beautiful and worked perfectly as the back up, back up location. As you can see from the gorgeous rim lighting lining the girls' hair, I was able to keep the sun behind my subjects, so I was a happy photographer.

To recap, you should expect from your family session with Fawn Lily Photography that:

1. I will work hard to make your vision come to life

2. Unexpected challenges may arise and

3. As long as there is nice light and love, we can work with most locations

And now, the last point that you should be aware of when considering booking with Fawn Lily Photography for your upcoming family photo session in Victoria BC is:

You can expect to have FUN!

Newsflash! I want you and your children to look happy in the photos! You want them to look happy too. And the best way to look happy, is to BE happy!

We love to have fun! There is time for running and dog piling on dad. There is time for tickles, there is time for airplane rides for the babies or spinning the toddlers in circles. These is time for kisses; time for snuggles; time for love. Family photo sessions with Fawn Lily Photography include the time you need to give to them.

It isn't just about beautiful images, of course the images are beautiful. They are beautiful to me because, as a professional and an artist, I can see how the light rims my subjects hair and cheeks, I can see how the colour is deep and vibrant, I can see how the bokeh allows my subject to pop and how the exposure is correct. And they are beautiful to you because looking at them is a window to a moment in your life when things maybe (probably) didn't go EXACTLY perfectly, but was perfect none the less. They are beautiful to you because as you see them, you are there, in that moment, chasing kids, laughing, dancing, singing, hugging.

I don't just create beautiful images as the result of my family photo sessions, together, we create beautiful memories. And, I guess that is something you should expect too.

Making sure Family Photos Sessions are fun is a great job for Dad. To see more about how to encourage your spouse to get on board with family photography, check out my blog post:

Five Tips for Getting your Spouse on Board with Family Photos

And finally, are you ready to book your Family Session with Victoria BC Family Photographer Fawn Lily Photography? Remember, it's fun!

Visit HERE to book online! Or feel free to email me so we can chat about your specific needs.



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