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3 Tips for Natural & Beautiful Family Photos - Victoria BC Family Photographer

There are a few different approaches to Family Photos. Some photographers favour a posed approach. Posed family photos usually feature everyone situated nicely, smiling and looking at the camera. A documentary approach is photographing a family doing their thing, au natural. A lifestyle approach to family photography is the in between.

At Fawn Lily Photography, I use a lifestyle approach. It is a hybrid of the traditional posed family photos with some documentary moments in there too. I love a good posed photograph, but my heart lies in capturing the beauty of a moment in time. I love a good documentary moment too but sometimes those moments include bits and pieces we'd rather not have memorialized into a photograph (like a double chin).

I will often give you guidance and gentle posing instructions, snap a shot of everyone looking at the camera, then encourage genuine interaction and play and take lots more photos.

So, now that you have a better understanding of what kind of photography you can expect with Fawn Lily Photography, let me share with you 3 tips for making sure you get Natural & Beautiful Family Photos.

Tip 1 for Natural & Beautiful Family Photos:

Worry about yourself, not what direction the children are looking or what on earth the baby just stuck up his nose (ok, you can worry about that one a little bit). The point is it's really hard to have a genuine photo of everyone looking natural and beautiful when you are pinching your kids to get them to stop whatever antics they are performing.

Tip 2 for Natural & Beautiful Family Photos

Stick out your chin. Okay.... so not all the time.... but frequently during your session, I will instruct you to look towards your spouse or a child. And no matter how trim you are, if you look towards someone near your face, you will pull your chin back (to be able to see them properly) and you will get a double chin. Let's not do that. Forgo the need to actually be able to focus your eyes on you partner/ child and instead embrace the blur and stick your chin out a bit. If you do this, you won't have double chin (wahoo!) and you won't look like you are pulling back and away from your loved ones.

Tip 3 for Natural & Beautiful Family Photos

Look at each other. I know, I know, you need one :Look at the camera and smile picture" and chances are good that you will get it. But there really is no greater way to relax and be natural in your photos than to stop making your stiff camera (cheese!) face and to look at and interact with your loved ones. Trust me, they will make you smile your most genuine smiles. And, 9 times out of 10, my families prefer the tickle moments, and the play moments over the CHEESE! moments and these real, natural moments are often the ones that get printed big for your walls. They show how much you love each other. It really is a remarkable thing.

Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC based family photographer. From newborn sessions in studio in Sidney BC, to all kinds of family photography outdoors, Fawn Lily Photography offers what you need for photography in your family.


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