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Metaphors for Life - Victoria BC Family Photography

When Sarah sent me an email to book her family in for updated family photos, she had a vision of her family photos. She had dreams of sun-filled images on the beach with the girls in flowy white dresses and the boys in crisp linens. Mostly, her ideas centered around photos of her family and kids having fun and playing on the beach.

It was a lovely vision.

But, problem number one was Sarah was booking late August for a September session and there wasn't a ton of availability so we ended up a bit later into the month than ideal. By the time this session rolled around, so had the rain.

And that leads us right to problem number two: it was raining. It was pouring. I'm not sure if the old man was snoring (because my dad lives in Cumberland about 3 hours away so I didn't check) but he probably was.

We decided to move the session up an hour at the absolute last minute because there was supposed to be a pocket of sun at that hour (and at least no rain). At 5:10, I stood outside Sarah's van in the pouring rain, as we decided whether to go ahead or to reschedule due to inclement weather. Eventually, we decided that since it wasn't windy (and freezing), and because we were all there and dressed (it's no joke getting a family of 6 ready for a photo shoot as I know intimately well) we would give it a go.

And do you know what? As soon as they got out of the van and we started walking down to the beach, the rain did stop.

The sun never did come out and I'm sure we didn't get glowing sunlit summery beach photos for Sarah, but we did get family photos on the beach and I'm really glad we did. Because even though her initial vision was altered a little bit, we got the important part: a family playing, laughing, and having fun.

I was struck as I started editing how nicely the images turned out even though they weren't exactly what we were going for. And I realized that this is probably a bit like life for the Hughes family, and possibly all of us.

With unexpected pieces of life being thrown at this family for the last (near) decade including an illness at birth and subsequent physical impairment, and a job and career crisis (with resulting financial and emotional stress), I'm sure things are a little bit different than the life Sarah and Mitch imagined for themselves when they were first starting out.

But. But. But. It isn't any less beautiful because it has materialized in a different way than the vision.

Sometimes we're a bit late to the proverbial game.

Sometimes, plans change last minute.

Sometimes, it's raining when all we need is a glimmer of sunlight.

And sometimes, we will find that in each of our journeys, we have created something so much bigger, so much better, and so much more beautiful than what our finite minds and hearts could fathom.

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So, kudos to you, sweet family, for traversing the rain with smiles on your lips and joy in your hearts.

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