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The Power of a Picture - Victoria BC Newborn Photographer

On movie night last weekend, I flicked on Coco. We had never seen it but we had listen the the soundtrack a bit. I snuggled Max and Addi on the couch (they were a bit nervous about the skeletons) while Owen crawled around on the floor.

The token song from the movie is called |Remember Me" and when we listened to it before watching the movie, I assumed it was about lost love. Turns out, it's kind of about lost love, but not in the romantic sense. It's a song that Miguel's, the protagonist's, ancestor penned for his daughter Coco when she was little.

There was a moment in middle of the movie where Miguel witnesses a friend of Hector's, Chicarron, being forgotten and vanishing from the world of the dead - a final death. It was a beautiful and touching moment.

Miguel tried to tell Hector that it was fine, he would go home and remember Hector's old, forgotten friend, but Hector explained that it didn't work that way. They needed to be remembered in the land of the living as they were when they were living or for the things they did while alive, not as they were in the land of the dead.

Towards the end of the movie, Miguel and Hector fight to retrieve an old photograph of Hector so that Miguel can take it back to the land of the living so that he won't be forgotten (and vanish from the land of the dead). Miguel understands that he needs to bring the old photo back so that Coco and the rest of his family can remember Hector and learn who he was while on the earth.

As the movie progressed, I was moved by the importance of the photograph. Basically, the premise is that our deceased relatives remain alive in our memories and stories. When they are forgotten by us earth-side, they die spiritually.

And, old photographs were vital to the remembering process for the decedents. Anyways, I spent the movie crying quietly to myself (the kids were oblivious) with gratitude for my job. I'm not really sure what happens after we die, but I do believe in my soul that remembering is powerful. And photos are such an important part of remembering and storytelling. Even if we are only able to keep our ancestors alive figuratively in photos and stories, well, that still seems better to me than the big final death and complete vanishing of forgetting.

My Granny had Alzheimer's disease. So remembering is an important subject for us. To read more of my experience with her, read:

My Granny's Memories

You might be wondering here what any of this movie recap has to do with sweet little Austin here.... Well, 1. Austin is just too cute not to share and 2. it's so easy to forget how tiny babies are when they first arrive. Maybe it doesn't really have anything to do with Coco.... but I was touched by the power of photos and remembering in the movie, and my heart is touched whenever I look at this sweet newborn baby.

Austin was a little doll to have in my Sidney BC based Newborn photography studio. He was perfect and only explode-pooped all over my things ONE time (haha). Just check out those cheeks, that hair, and those perfect little lips! Delicious!

PS. Coco is on Netflix and worth it if you're looking for a good family movie!

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