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Like a Fraud - Victoria BC Family Photographer

For a long time now, I've felt a little bit like a fraud. The truth is, I never grew up with a camera attached to my face. I'd never even used a DSLR until my first son was almost one.

I think I've been in a darkroom once as part of a Science Camp (yep.... I sure did attend science camp). I wasn't ever consumed by photography in any way at all. And sometimes, that's hard as a professional photographer. Photography should have always been my one true passion.

It just wasn't my THING. And.... here's my revelation for the day..... it still isn't (at least in a literal sense).

My photography journey is like so many others. I wanted to take nice pictures of my kids and I was frustrated at the limitations of shooting on AUTO mode. So, I taught myself how to shoot in Manual mode.

And in the process, my world changed a little bit.

During those months of learning and studying and practicing, I did have my trusty Nikon glued to my face. Not only did I start to take some nice pictures, but also, I actually started to see things differently through my lens.

When I pressed the shutter, I was able to freeze moments - moments in my children's lives that I wanted to remember: beautiful, real, emotional moments. Instead of losing my mind when Max the Terror dumped a bottle of syrup all over the kitchen, I saw the moment through my lens and all of a sudden, it was funny.... a moment I may even miss one day when he is old and grown and gone.

But still, photography is not my THING. I am not driven by a need to click buttons and edit endlessly. My love for photography is something else all together, It is a love of and for people. Being a photographer, to me, is a means to an end.

It is a way to see you, and to show you how real and valuable and beautiful you are. When I look an image of a family cuddling in the grass, what I see is that you belong and are loved beyond measure. When I freeze that moment in time for you, well, what a gift that is!

When I look through my viewfinder and see a sweet newborn baby, chubby cheeks aglow in a wash of back light, what I see is newness and rawness and trust. When I freeze that moment in time for you, I know that I am giving you an eternal extension on the most fleeting time in your life.

When I look through my viewfinder to see a sweet boy with a huge grin on his face in the middle of complete sticky chaos, what I see is perspective, and love beyond measure. When I freeze that moment in time, I know that I am giving myself the gift of a life lived without regret.

So, it's not about the camera, it's not about passion for photography in and of itself. It's about people and the reality of a life well lived. I'd love to show you how beautiful you are, how beloved you are, and how much you belong.

Because you are, you are, and you do.

- Sarah

Are you ready to let me show you what I see when I look at you?


Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC based Newborn, Family, and Wedding Photographer. With a studio located in Sidney BC, Sarah works in Greater Victoria photographing newborns, babies, children, couples, and families.

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