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It's a Legacy - Victoria BC Family Photographer

Just before we started the Harris family session, Michelle asked me, "Do you know why I wanted to get family photos taken?" I said no and then she told me a little story.

Family Connection at Heritage Acres - Fawn Lily Photography

Everyone - Fawn Lily Photography

In Michelle's story a mother passed away and the family literally did not have a single photograph of her - a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother. Michelle explained to me that while she does not always love herself in photos (do any of us?) she understands how important it is.

I agree.

Dad and his kids in front of one of the Heritage buildings

It's important to exist in photos (even when we don't want to) because the photos are a legacy to our children and families.

A Mother-Daughter stroll

Mom and her kids

Especially as a mother, I feel this hunger. I can't imagine the world without my own Mother and I can't imagine leaving it while my babies are still babies. I think that in both cases, an enormous chasm would open up, a chasm of forgetfulness and passing time.... a chasm of regret and sorrow in the hearts of those still earth-side. But, still, a chasm that could be filled with the love and memories and photographs of a life well-lived.

Group Hug!

Let's say yes to existing in photographs. One day, it will be the only tangible evidence of our existence, our life, and our love. I have a feeling our children won't care how fat or wrinkly we thought we looked at the time either.

A little Couple shot ;)

So, thanks for the reminder Michelle. I had a great time photographing this fun family at Heritage Acres, in Victoria BC. We sure laughed a lot (mostly at me and my inability to remember names... sorry NICOLE!)

Fawn Lily Photography is a Newborn and Family Photographer located in Victoria BC. To inquire for a session, please Contact me.

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