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To The New Mother - Victoria BC Newborn Photographer

I recently got wind that Mr. L here has been fussy and difficult. During his newborn session, he was a perfect angel. Ha ha. So thanks buddy for being a little more challenging AFTER your photo session with Victoria BC Newborn Photographer Fawn Lily Photography.

Newborn L at 1 week old all wrapped up having a snuggle

My first daughter suffered from colic. We tried everything and I ended up barely surviving the first 6 months of her life without pulling out all of my hair or chucking my teeny tiny, helpless, and screaming infant out the window. Please don't judge me for that. It was a really really trying time in my life.

Some Macro shots of perfect lips and a playful little tongue

And the hardest part about the whole ordeal was my own emotional turmoil (I NEED sleep, ok?). At first, it was just the mom-guilt, but soon, I found myself at odds with the fact that I had wanted nothing more than to be a mother. I had cried and anguished and prayed for motherhood. And, when I got it, I hated it. I kind of wanted it all to go away (so I could sleep in peace for a few days). My life was wracked with anxiety and screaming and a entire new form of guilt: the thought that I was wasting motherhood in misery.

Peaceful little Man all cuddled up in an heirloom blanket

Well.turns out when we both started sleeping around 6 months after birth, things improved (enough to have three more babies!). But, I am grateful for those long months because (in blissful retrospect) because I see and I know. Your little screaming demons might not know the steps you take trying to get them to settle (literally, the steps were innumerable) but there are people out there who know and understand the struggles of life with a fussy baby.

Gorgeous little man in two different rustic bed props

You are amazing and it will be over soon and it's totally okay to not love motherhood all the time.

It's totally okay.

Anyways, dear Mother, here are some photographs to enjoy that will make your mother heart happy no matter how hard it is or how tired you are.

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