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Everybody's Got a Story - Victoria BC Family Photographer

Here is a lovely little family that I got to photograph the other day.

It was so easy to have them look to each other and to they're sweet little one because every time they did. love emanated from their faces.

Throughout the session, this sweet couple shared with me some of their story - their journey to become a family and you guys, it was A STORY. This was obviously an important time in their lives, and it was an absolute pleasure to document it for them.

And as I heard about their trials and the path they walked, I reflected on my own path to Motherhood.

7 years ago, when my husband and I were in the middle of a secret and seemingly endless struggle with infertility, I felt so alone. I was so alone.

When we found out we were expecting my first daughter, we kept it a secret for 20 weeks. I thought if I celebrated a little bit, or got comfortable at all, it would all go away. It was a scary, hopeless time in my life.

Noelle was born and I was a mother. I am a mother!

But fertility is still a tender subject. It is and always will be, even with four kids.

In those early days of motherhood, I often thought about the big WHY. Why did we go through that struggle and why do we still, in different capacities, deal with the residue of infertility? I don't know why exactly, but I'm sure it has something to do with empathy. What I do know though, is that I was never alone.

In some very personal ways, I am grateful for our struggle because I get it. As a newborn and family photographer, I never set out to have a cause and I rarely aim for anything more than to produce gorgeous images full of emotion and connection for you in my day to day work. But I often find myself connecting a little bit deeper than that.

There are just so many who have and do struggle to become mothers and to grow their families. For those who do, thank you for sharing with me. I think there is strength and closeness that comes when we are open. I believe that human beings crave a few things in life and one of those things is to be seen. So, for those who struggle, I see you. I have cried those same tears, I have uttered those same prayers to heaven.

And, for those of you whose struggles are different than mine, I have a feeling that our trials are the great equalizers of life. I see you too.

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