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Victoria BC Family Photographer - Why Family Photography Matters

The Anderson Family

The other day, I looked down at my 6 year old standing in front of me. "Mom, mom, mom mom mom" she chanted. Only, I didn't have to look down as far as I used to. There she was, staring up at me, from an uncomfortable proximity. Her head bobbed around beneath my chin, level with my chest. Her eyes were wide with innocence, like she actually didn't realize the change.

How could she not realize the change?

She was big.

She is big.

Time is fleeting; life is fleeting; childhood is fleeting (let's not even mention babyhood, shall we?).

Big Smiles from Carter for Mama's kisses and Dada's tickles

Family Photography matters. It matters because family matters. My sweet six year old matters and so does yours. Carter here matters. Your spouse matters, Your love matters.

As my big girl gets bigger, I realize more than ever about all the mistakes I make as a mother. My shortcomings, my frustrations, my overreactions are front and center around here. And now, in a horrific and unfair turn of fate, she's old enough to remember them. I change, I improve, I get there, but the journey is long and slow, and my time is short. I only have so long to impart my love onto her little soul and into her growing heart. And I'm afraid the time I have with her isn't long enough to fill the chasm of my mistakes.

Oh, we had a lovely time, didn't we, Carter?

But maybe.

Maybe if I have a visual it helps. Maybe if I document our days and exist in photos with my girl (and the others too), she will have a tangible record of my love when I fall short in every other way.

Maybe, as she grows even taller still the love-filled family photos that we have will show her what I otherwise can't.

Maybe she will see the love. the longing, and the dreams I have for her in my eyes and in my arms.

I love how Carter is looking up to his Dad here - he's dependent and independent all at once.

Family photography matters and it matters not so you can have a stiff and rigidly posed image on your staircase wall.

The love in a photograph provides hope, security, and truth when our children grow and our words and actions fall a little short.

Kisses and upside down! Family photo shoots are so fun!

With me, at Fawn Lily Photography, Victoria BC Family Photographer, I work really hard to create images where you are comfortable being authentic to who you are, your love and your story (and your children are too).

I love these shots of Carter and Landon. These pictures make me what to do a photo shoot of my own kids and their dad.

This is such an iconic father-son pose!

I love how HIGH Carter got! I think he did too!

Carter is such a bright-eyed little guy!

These snuggle shots between Carter and his beautiful mama make my heart melt.

Fall Sessions in Victoria BC with Fawn Lily Photography will be released soon and there are very limited spots available. I'm going to be busy with my big girl this season before she moves out for college (haha....).

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