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5 Tips for Moms to look (and feel) good in Family Photos - Victoria BC Photographer

I am a family photographer and the photographer at Fawn Lily Photography located in Victoria BC. But even still with those credentials, I often find myself feeling ill at ease about myself in photos. If I try to have my husband snap a shot of me with the kids, I can't see myself in the viewfinder when I'm in front of the camera to know what adjustments to make to my posing and so I feel stressed, anxious.... and probably fat too ;)

When I feel this way, I know I look stiff, and stressed.... and probably fat too. As a family photographer, it is my mission to make sure that YOU don't look or feel this way about yourself in your images.

So my first tip for How to Look and Feel Good in Family Photos is to....

1. Hire a Professional Photographer.

(I know a good one, in case you're in the market) It is just a million times better. Portrait photography is so much more than familiarity with a camera or being able to use said camera in manual mode. It is literally a study in how to curate and capture "candid" lifestyle moments that are full of love and beauty. It's worth it. Promise.

Next up is along the same lines:

2. Get professional hair and makeup done prior to the photo session....

unless you, unlike me, know what you are doing in that department. In the Spring, when I had my own family photos taken (by a professional I should add), a friend did my hair and makeup. It was amazing. I looked like a million dollars. But, more importantly, I felt like a million dollars too. I was able to pose confidently with my family knowing that my hair, makeup and wardrobe were on point. It really helped me to not worry about any of the things I often worry about during photos.

3. Trust your Photographer to Work with Your Children.

When I am retouching a family photography session, there is nothing worse than coming across the most perfect image of everyone.... but mom. Mom is sitting there, underneath all her children, looking sternly across at her mischievous son with the world's biggest grimace. During your session with Fawn Lily Photography, I will often instruct you to look at me, look at each other, look down, look over there..... and nowhere is the grimace welcome. So trust me, moms. Trust me to get your kids to look at me when required (I am a master animal noise maker and crazy dancer) and trust me to get them to cooperate with love and silliness. And, just as a bonus on where to look, looking down and to the side is a flattering and beautiful place to look.

4. Be intentional with your body.

Here is my constant refrain during a photo shoot: angle yourself towards the camera (do not stand with your shoulders square to me), put your weight on one foot and bend the other knee, pop your hip, bend towards the camera at the waist, stick your chin out and down, relax your shoulders down, and breath! haha. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it works.

5. Look at your loved ones. Breath them in. Snuggle them close. Nothing will make you look and feel more beautiful than genuinely loving your family. Trust me to capture that love for you, and to make sure you look good doing it!

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