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West Coast Style Beach Family Photos

One of my favourite parts about the arrival of warm weather here on the coast is the opportunity it presents to frequent the beach. The beach provides such healing for our souls. There are few places I can bring all my kids by myself, and a book to read. Usually, our outings to the store or playground are accompanied by FRAZZLED mom, not relaxed, book-reading mom. But the beach is one of the places.

When we arrived at Norris Beach in Deep Cove the other day, Owen was ecstatic just sitting on rocks and picking up shells and rocks. He kept clapping his hands together in his excitement. He was just so happy to be outside, at the beach, playing and watching his big siblings explore.

As soon as we arrived, Addi sat down in the shells and started her collection. She ended the evening with pockets full of shells (she filled my pockets too).

My buddy Max was off exploring immediately upon arrival and never ever stopped. Scaling the rocky shore, balancing on the logs, and throwing about 2000 rocks into the sea kept my boy happy and occupied until the encroaching tide scared us home.

Noelle, my big girl, the eldest, the overseer, the boss, migrated between her siblings. She raced Max across the logs, checked in on the happy baby, and collected shells with Addi. She crab-hunted and mountain=clamored. Occasionally, I would look up to find her standing at the water's edge, doing nothing, but allowing the waves crashing in at her toes to mesmerize her and take her somewhere far away to a land full of magic.

Maybe where she goes when her eyes stop focusing in my world isn't really that far away after all. Our evening at the beach seemed pretty magical to me too.

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