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5 Reasons to Shop at Markets & Fairs

A Children's Fair is Coming to Town

Have you heard?? Wind and Willow Children's Fair is coming to the Juan de Fuca Curling Center May 5-6th. FLP will be there doing some very fun Spring Sessions on Saturday. And, the vendor line-up is amazing! I plan on getting a head start on my birthday and Christmas shopping for sure (3/4 of my kids were born in September, guys! It's a ridiculous month!). Please come see me and let me photograph your children so that I can support my addiction to shopping for baby and kid stuff... please!

I just love local artisan markets, I'm so excited to be a part of this one.

Here's 5 reasons why you should come to Wind and Willow Children's Fair and support your local artisans and entrepreneurs:

1. Shopping Local Keeps Money in the Community

It's a basic truth these days that shopping local keeps money in the local community. And keeping money in the local community is vitally important to the success and longevity of that said community. Shopping local helps provide jobs within the community. Basically, it helps everyone!

2. You get a Unique Product and Great Customer Service

The thing about small businesses and shopping locally is that we care about you! When you support us, you are supporting a dream! When you sign up for a mini session or book a family session with me, I literally do a happy dance (ask my kids),

You support me in my dreams and goals and in that regard, it is my goal to provide the very best service and products that I can. I know my fellow artisans and makers feel similarly (that's probably why these little memes here where so easy to find on the great wide web).

Basically, we love you! And we want you to have the best experience with us, so you will find that we go above and beyond for our supporters, our clients, our tribes! I can't tell you how many times I've started a Newborn Session as strangers, and ended it with hugs all around!

You can find the best local and unique items at a fair or market and you will receive impeccable customer service and attention because we simple care about you! So come, enjoy the products, the samples, the buzz of a local fair, and be a little bit pampered, Come, and let us show you how much you mean to us!

3. Community Roots and Involvement

When you come to a craft fair or market, you are supporting local. As mentioned above, supporting local keeps money and resources in your own community. But it does more than that too.

Local artisans and small business owners are often donating products, services, and prizes to events and charities in their communities. As a business, I donate annually to my children's school fundraisers and other community events and charities that pull at my heartstrings. And, I'm happy to do so. There is a sense of belonging that comes from being able to give back to my own community; there is a feeling of power and action that comes from helping to build a strong a virile place to live.

When you shop from local handicrafters, artists, artisans, and makers you are supporting the local community, yes, but also the local ART's community, and that helps everyone too. Art is a luxury of an advanced and vibrant culture.

4, Diversity of Products in a One-Stop Shop

I honestly can't remember the last time a shopping trip didn't mean running in and out as quickly as humanly possible (with four kids in tow). I don't even run in to grocery shop anymore, I wait in my minivan for the magical grocery fairies who bring me my groceries (CLICK AND COLLECT, PEOPLE!!). The thought of having to visit 2-3 stores in a single outing with all the get-ins and get-outs, parking lots of death, buckles, car seats, and coats, makes me quiver.

I guess this is why they invented malls.... but when the mall's elevator is broken and you have to hike your four kids, double stroller, and all your bags of merchandise up three flights of stairs to your roof-parked-car, you vow to never ever visit the mall again. Anyways, I digress #malltrauma

The point here is that at Wind and Willows Children's Fair, you will be able to find a large assortment of products and services that you need and want for your family and your kids in ONE spot. You don't have to go to a million stores and traverse a million parking lots. I'm so ridiculously excited about this!

5. It's a Family Event:

Maybe you're like me when you wake up Saturday morning. At about 7:02 AM, you look around and have 3 small people in your bed, kicking you in the ribs. Your dreams of spending the day getting stuff done.... or napping... quickly dissolve into panic. Now, all you can think about is what are you possibly going to do ALL day long to entertain the little gremlins and keep them from destroying your beautiful home.

Oh, no? That's not how your weekend starts? Right.... me neither......

At any rate, attending Wind and Willow Children's Fair is a great way to spend a couple or hours. Get out of the house and let the kids spend some of their allowance. Get some ideas for gifts My kids love to window shop (and really shop) and the fair atmosphere is just plain fun. There will be prizes, a colouring contest, a kids' area, portraits courtesy of Fawn Lily Photography, and lots of quality products for babies and children. It's just plain fun!

To book your slot with Fawn Lily Photography, Victoria's premiere baby and family photographer, please email Sarah @ fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com.

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