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Turning Moments into Memories

Tuesday was my first grader's first day back at school after what felt like a never-ending spring break. We managed to get a lot of our Bucket List checked off, we had a terrific visit with Granny, we planned and hosted an epic Easter Egg Hunt and brunch, and fulfilled a host of other Easter Traditions too. We slept in (to 7:30), and didn't worry about what we wore. It was a blast (but an exhausting one for this mama who wasn't too depressed when school was back in session).

I was a little bit nervous for Tuesday morning as Noelle thrives on routine and when things get out of sync with her expectations, things get difficult. So, I got up with extra time. I prayed for an added measure of patience and strength, and then we, as a family, got to work. And things actually were going pretty well. As I drove my van full of little people to school drop off that morning, I thought to myself the fateful thoughts that no mom in her right mind should ever think: "That was easy! Everything is going so smoothly! No one is crying!"

As soon as I pulled up the the drop off zone, things began to change. During break, Noelle had amassed a collection of jewelry from birthday party goody bags and treats from the Easter Bunny. And, there, in the parking lot, she realized in a fit of hysterics that she forgot ALL of her jewelry at home (the horror, the horror)!

She refused to get out of the van. I refused to drive home for some plastic bracelets.

A bus pulled up behind me, because of course the drop off zone is also the bus stop. I was totally in the way. With a child intertwining herself into my limbs to avoid extraction, and a bus driver with a bus full of teenagers staring me down, I marched my 6 year old to the front steps of the school, I peeled her from my appendages, and deposited her in the arms of her lovely teacher. Mme Hill laughed and said "I felt like that this morning too, Noelle."

I got back in the van and I knew I needed to head to the grocery store for a massive, marathon grocery trip but instead, I found myself driving home. I went into the house, pocketed the special yet overlooked jewelry and a couple of Easter eggs and drove back to the school. Fortunately for me, my other kids where being positively angelic (they had visions of Costco lunch dancing in their heads).

I knew that Noelle would have stopped crying by the time I originally left the school. I knew this moment would not have traumatized her and that I really could have just got on with my day.... but I felt an undeniable urge to make this moment, a moment that she likely wouldn't even remember, into a beautiful memory. A memory that teaches her how loved and special she is by me and to me.

I got out of the car and found my girl in the courtyard garden hoping happily along the stone path with a huge grin on her face. When her gaze found mine and she saw my hand full of her most precious jewels, the grin spread. I had come for her; and come through for her.

In a way that doesn't often happen in a big family, I was able to turn a sad but ultimately forgettable moment into a memory that hopefully will shape her, at least a little bit. It is a powerful thing to know how loved you are.

This is what I believe the power of photography is. It is the power of turning every day moments into memories to look back on. It is a visual representation of how loved we are. And, that my friends, is an amazing thing! So, don't forget to get your sessions booked.

Fawn Lily Photography is now booking for Spring and Summer in Greater Victoria and provides family sessions, children's photography, Maternity and Newborn sessions too. Email Sarah @ fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com to get on the calendar today!

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