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The other day, my mom arrived for a visit. As usual, she brought with her some treasures: gifts from her recent trip to Mexico, Max's forgotten jacket, and a bag of old photographs from a recent storage shed clean out.

I grew up with old photo albums full of our childhood memories at our fingertips, but when Mom and Dad moved circa 2008, the albums were packed away and stored and haven't been seen since. It's weird to think that my husband and my children have never seen me as a baby or child; that when we're playing the "that child looks just like you game" they actually have no idea because what I looked like as a baby is a mystery. It's weird to think that I haven't perused those albums in 10 years. To be fair, we're all grappling a straws during that game because there are approximately 2 baby pictures in existence of Zach so I suppose we don't really know what he looked like either.... And, we;re NOT THAT OLD! I expect there to be limited baby pictures of my parents and my grandparents, but ME?? And Zach?? It seems so strange that this situation has occurred.

Anyways, as the children and I looked through all the loose photographs, I realized that time had not treated them well. They were stuck together with age. They were torn and bent and, in many cases, ruined. But they were also full of stories.

My mom and I were able to relate many stories of my own childhood to my children, stories that otherwise would have been left untold. Stories that would surely have died, had it not been for this discovery of old photographs.

We need to keep our stories alive.

When I think of my own archival system, I realize that the cloud is like our modern day storage shed. My precious memories and the stories of my life are stored in a place where they will not decay. But, they are definitely liable to corrupt, or be lost in an even more permanent way. They are liable of being outdated and inaccessible on technology's whim. In fact, I have a box around here somewhere of CDs full of images.... but I don't even have a computer with a CD drive anymore!

So, if the shed is not the place and the cloud is not the place, how can be manage to keep our stories alive in this modern world?

Well, I think the answer is two fold. I think we need both. I think that a digital copy of our memories is important in the case of a physical catastrophe, but I also think a physical (ARCHIVAL QUALITY that is not in the SHED, Mom!) copy is also important in the case of a digital catastrophe (or quick shift in technology).

We need to print albums. We need to tell our kids their stories of babyhood and childhood and our stories of life lived. That's how they know who they are and what they are about. And we need to do it so that those stories propel us into the future with a firm understanding of our identities.

We need to print albums to keep our pictures, and our children safe and sure.

Are you ready to get your album made? Get in touch and I'll happily get to work on creating some wonderful images and a gorgeous album design for you! Inquiries can be emailed to fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com

Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC based Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer offering both in studio and outdoor photographs and servicing all of Greater Victoria. Fawn Lily Photography will capture your family's most precious and most fleeting moments and will turn those moments into gorgeous heirloom quality art.

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