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Kids are Weird - Victoria BC Family Photographer

The other day, I sent my rambunctious balls of noise outside for a play while the baby napped. I was able to get about 4 minutes of work done before I heard a little too much giggling and banging a little too close to the house. Upon inspection, it turns out they were collecting dirt clods from our pile of soil and were throwing them all over the front porch. Nice.

After they were put to work cleaning it up and sweeping off the porch, I gave them some instructions on making right choices (again) and they all ran over to jump on the trampoline. I did 1 minute more of work. I checked on my three kiddos and found them happily jumping away. Then, I popped into my studio for 10 minutes to sweep and set up for a newborn session I had later on that day. When I emerged from the studio, I glanced out my side door to see my six year old and my two year old NAKED in the yard, their clothes in a pile at the trampoline's foot. My four year old son then appeared running through the yard, buck-naked.

It's March, in Canada. My neighbours were outside gardening (sorry for the peep show). My kids are weirdos.

Major weirdos.

Apparently, something happened with the hose and as always, "Addi did it first!" (gotta love a two year old ring leader!!).

Please tell me I'm not the only Mom who's kids do things like this?? Please?

Anyways, this episode has got me thinking about little people and their own strange little personalities. While I certainly didn't want to photograph their shenanigans (as they were... you know... naked) I kind of did want to photograph the memories of them being so weird, and free, and doing the things only little kids free from self-doubt would do.

It's those moments of confidence and independence and personality that I do want to photograph - of both my kids and yours. And, when you book a family photo session with Fawn Lily Photography, I work very hard to make sure and create opportunities for our precious children to show off their true selves (and no, I'm not talking about nakedness!!).

I strive to capture that one perfectly composed and evenly lit picture of everyone looking and smiling that is in every sense "picture perfect," but in the same breath, I also make an effort to figure out what you love about your children and to see who they really are. Those are the shots I like on my walls. How about you?

What do you love most about your family? What is the one thing that stands out most about who your children really are?

And, how would you feel if you chose a photographer who was able to capture that love and personality in photographs for you?

Family portrait sessions are now booking for Spring so be sure to connect with me to get your spot on my calendar! Fawn Lily Photography is a full service Newborn, Maternity, and Family Photographer in Victoria BC, with a studio in Sidney BC.

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