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Victoria BC Spring Bucket List for Kids

First of all, let me make a clarification here, Though the title of this post may be misleading (I want you to find it on google after all!), this isn't a bucket list. It's a LIVING LIST. As a mom to four young children who is running my own photography business in Sidney BC, I have a lot of obligations and I make a lot of checklists. I get a lot of satisfaction from checking things off my millions of lists on my computer, on my phone, in my planner, and on virtually every scrape of paper in this place. But that's not what this list is for.

Not this list.

I don't want my bucket lists to become lists of burdens to be checked off. I don't want them to be full of things to consume. I want the source of our joy to be in the activities we do and the memories we create; not in the act of gritting our teeth and getting the job done. I want them to be about memory-making, and togetherness, not just about checking one more thing off one more list.

So, here is our Spring Break Living List. Hopefully, we remember to live a little and spend time creating all those memories that I think are so vital to our sense of self, sense of family, and sense of community:

1. Beacon Hill Park & Goat Run (Ice Cream at Beacon Drive in too)

First on our list of things to do this Spring Break is to visit Beacon Hill Park and especially to be there for the famous Goat run. This really is a highlight for all of us. It's so much fun to watch the cute goats and to cheer them on their run. We also can't help but head over to Beacon Drive in for a dinner of... ice cream too! The goats run at 10:10 and 4:10 and admission to the Petting Zoo is by donation.

2. Mini Golf at Mattick's Farm

Next up, is Mini Golfing at Mattick's Farm.... which will likely revolve around ice cream too! I've never taken my kids mini golfing before and giving them all metal clubs causes me all kinds of anxiety, but I think I'm going to muster up some courage and give it a go (maybe this activity will wait for a day when Granny is visiting...).

3. Spring Photos

You better believe that Spring Break will involve some kind of Spring pictures for the Fawn Lily Photography kids. Daylight Savings has come and gone so it's lighter in the evenings now.... which means it's the perfect time to book your Victoria BC family photo sessions! Also.... have you seen those Cherry Blossoms around town? Let's chat about your spring photography needs!

4. Hike Bear Hill

Bear Hill is a hike that I remember doing frequently as a child and I think it's time my littles experienced it. It is lovely in the spring with the Fawn Lilies and other wildflowers on the grassy slopes. I'm excited to get out and enjoy some of the beauty of nature and let the kids run and play and be kids. Fresh air always rejuvenates me too.

5. Build a Natural Sandbox in the Backyard

I'm learning in my parenthood journey to get rid of the things that do not bring us joy. A few months ago now, I realized that hollering at my kiddos to clean up their toys a thousand times a day was not bringing anyone any joy, So, we donated 90% of our toys. And, you'd never believe it, but they play so much better and longer now because they aren't functioning from a place of overwhelm. They can pick a puzzle and focus on it. It's wonderful.

My Max is a bit of a tornado and can't seem to use our furniture appropriately. Our massive farmhouse kitchen table and benches are his obstacle course, Our couches and chairs are for jumping, and handstands, and scaling. Needless to say, this behavior does not bring me a lot of joy, so instead of nagging him to "Get off the furniture!" repeated throughout the day, I've decided to build a Natural Sandbox in the back corner of the yard complete with logs and stumps and rocks for all kinds of obstacle courses and climbing and jumping. This project has the added bonus of us being able to work on it together too. I'm super excited to show you our work when we're done!

6. Spring Clean

Ok, this one is all for me... but Spring Cleaning is so so good for this mama's soul. Cleaning out the cobwebs, and unused items, and WINTER from my home is a liberating experience. Opening the washed windows and airing out the house is a wonderful experience. And, even though this one isn't really about play or amazing memories for my kids, it is about creating family traditions and lessons in homemaking which are still important, even if slightly less "fun"

7. Teddy Bear Picnic

There is something about eating outside on a picnic blanket that just makes food taste better. And, what better way to spend our lunch than packing a basket of goodies with our Teddies and heading out the Dominion Brook Park for a little Teddy Bear Picnic in the Victoria Spring Sun. Surely, a good game of tag or hide and seek will follow all the eating. Gosh, I'm getting excited about these activities already!

8. Garden

Spring is the time for new growth and getting my kids out working in the garden and digging in the dirt is so so good for them. We have some awesome plans for the garden this year so I'm excited to get out there with my kiddos and get some work done. And, should you think that my kids will actually be working in garden, well, let me clarify. They will be digging for worms alongside me as I weed and work. Hopefully, I'll be able to distract them long enough for a trip to the nursery to pick out some Lambs Ears and Snap Dragons.

9. Puddles & Play

My mud-loving kiddos will be sure to love a structured opportunity to jump in the best puddles and bake some "delicious" mud pies. So, first rain of spring break, you'll be sure to find us hunting for the muddiest puddles around Sidney.

10. Cheap Movie

You guys! $2.99 Movie tickets for 4 kids movies during Spring Break at Cineplex Theaters = HEAVEN! You can be sure we will be there once or twice!

11. Annual Easter Festivities

This year, Easter is early and falls on Spring Break in Sidney. The good news is that we can dedicate some of our two-week-long Spring Break on Easter festivities. The bad news is that Zach is an accountant and it's tax season so he will be MIA for our Easter traditions this year,

There are many wonderful community egg hunts every year, but the Fawn Lily Photography Family steers well clear of those. I find them chaotic and stressful with four young kids. Instead, we do our own things and have tons of fun.

We do an Easter Egg hunt (everyone has their own colour of eggs to find, we dye eggs (this year, I think we're going to try the rice-dyeing method), we make "Resurrection Rolls" and prepare an Easter Brunch. We will do an Easter craft and maybe even a nature scavenger hunt too. I love holidays and Easter is no exception!

12. Visit some Baby Lambs at a local hobby farm

We are lucky enough to have some friends with a hobby farm of sheep and are excited to go for a visit to meet the lambs as they arrive. Nothing says spring like lambs in a field.

13. Feed the Ducks at Iroquoise Park

And finally, we will take a afternoon to visit the ducks at Iroquoise Park and probably stop for a little play there too.

Spring is in the air! What are your plans for surviving Spring Break with kids and making lots of awesome memories too?

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