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Empowerment Through Power Tools

You guys! I am a hands on kind of girl.... but I'm also a major klutz so I generally prefer to leave the really dangerous work to my husband. He is a knight in shinning armor who always brings my wildest notions to fruition. Except, it's tax season, and he daylights as an accountant. So, quite simply, he is not here.

And I was on a deadline - maybe a self-imposed deadline, but a deadline all the same.

I needed to make a swing for the Exclusive Micro-Mini Sessions I'm hosting at the brand new Wind & Willow Children's Fair this May. The Fair is going to be held in the Juan de Fuca Curling Rink in Victoria May 5th and 6th and I'm super excited about it! I planned out a really awesome Micro-Mini offering: Swing into Spring Sessions, complete with a hand painted backdrop and a hand-made swing (that did not exist yesterday).

After getting my kids napping, snacking, and taking a breather from work and chores, I realized that I am quite capable of using a saw and drill myself, especially if I ever wanted to get the swing done. How hard can it be, really? So, I called Zach for some last minute directions and encouragement and then Max and I put on our shoes and went to work. I got out all the equipment, found my 2x8 and then decided to go for it. I needed to cut a 2 ft portion off the board, drill four large holes with an auger bit for the rope, sand, stain, and hang the swing in my studio.

Once everything was measured and prepared, I pushed the trigger and connected blade to wood. At first, I scared myself a little bit with the power and noise; but once the the board feel free, Max jumped up in the air and yelled "You did it, Mom!" and he was right. I did do it, and I can do it! Watch out world, this woman uses a skill saw now! After that, everything else, including taking the pictures, was gravy!

This was such a simple little anecdote, but it was a powerful reminder to me that any limitations I put on myself are all self-dictated. The only reason I didn't make a swing for myself earlier is because I was nervous about the unknown tools and I figured Zach could just do it better. Those reasons are pretty silly. The only thing that holds me back from the creations of my dreams is myself. There is power to do great things inside each of us, and we just don't need to be afraid. What can you do today that you have been afraid to do before?

Do you want to get in on these Micro-Minis? Email me, or PM the Wind & Willows Facebook Page to book your spot.


- Sarah

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