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Cake Smash and Splash with Victoria BC Photographer - Fawn Lily Photography

Sweet little Miss turned one and we got her in for a super fun Cake Smash and Splash. At Fawn Lily Photography, I love love love to do cake smashes. From custom designing sets, to watching a sweet little one inhale some cake, Cake Smashes are awesome!

And so are first birthdays,

When my teeny tiny first baby Noelle turned one, I threw her an epic party, It was my first kid's party and I fell in love! Now, I love to plan parties for my kids, but first birthdays always have a special place in my heart. They are an epic and special way to celebrate the fact that you kept a small person alive for a whole year and stayed mostly sane in the process too!

In our home, we do birthdays. In fact, we probably over-do birthdays. The day after their birthdays, my big kids are already planning next year's parties. They honestly do not understand that you can have a birthday without a theme. This point cracks me up every single time I think about it.

I myself recently had a birthday. Months in advance, Noelle would ask me "what kind of party" I was going to have. What she was really asking is what was the theme for my party going to be. (I didn't even have a party per say!) Suggestions were thrown my way like "DINOSAURS!" "Superheros!" "DIAMONDS! (FYI, I could definitely support this idea, Zach!), "Elmo!" But in the end, I convinced my rugrats that what I really wanted was a napping party - so that's what I got and it was marvelous. It consisted of me, taking a nap on my birthday, alone. Perfection! How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

For the kiddos, we go all out with a Party, and do all we can do to make the day a special one. I've got a Pinterest Board set up with lots of birthday ideas if you're looking for some good ones.. But, the MOST important way we celebrate is by making sure we get some birthday portraits done each and every year. At FLP, we do all kinds of fun imaginative session ideas for our annual birthday portraits. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate and document your children as they grow, Fawn Lily Photography's Milestone Sessions are the way to go. Email Sarah at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com to check in touch today!


- Sarah

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