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Finding the Light Challenge with Victoria BC Children's Photographer

Finding the Light Challenge - Fawn Lily Photography - Victoria BC Children's Photographer

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I have a studio in my workshop. It is quite literally, attached to my house. It has a huge, gorgeous, soft light strobe which produces clean, consistent, even light and allows me to take clean, consistent, evenly lit portraits of my kids (and yours!). But after about 1 million studio portraits of my small people, I crave some real, authentic moments captured too. I crave adventure (channeling my inner Pocahontas maybe?), and some documentary photographs with the glowing light sources like, you know, the sun. But, it is February and my baby screams whenever I take him outside (seriously, it's the worst! And nursing in the cold is NOT my idea of a good time, plus, whenever I try and juggle a baby in a carrier with a super heavy camera around my neck, I always seem to smash it into his head....), and my preferred outdoor lens is very very long, meaning I need to stand very very far away from my subjects (children), which is generally not a good idea when you are photographer AND supervisor. Anyways, I'm left with the option of taking pictures inside my house and... well...

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Ok, full disclosure here: I hate my house. The number 1 reason for my house-hatred is because it has the worst light ever. And the number 2 reason is close behind. And that is that I am not the best housekeeper on the planet (and neither are my messy messy kids). Now, I'm not a gross slob, but I struggle to keep up. My house just isn't often up to photo shoot standards. I want to find beautiful light in my environment and use that light to create beautiful candid works of art documenting my people and who they really are, but it's for sure a struggle to do that in our real and candid environment. Trust me, I want to be real and authentic.... but just maybe not THAT real. Do you feel me here?

Find the Light Challenge, Young Boy, Gorgeous Light, Candid Photography

The truth, people, is that some of us don't live in Pinterest houses. And some of us aren't always on top of all the laundry. And sometimes (ok, always) the light doesn't care about my messy house or my other feelings of inadequacy. It just is where it is. And my people are where they are. And I am going to look for it. And I am going to document it (I might kick a pile of laundry out of the way first though!).

I believe in authenticity. I believe in vulnerability. I believe in light.

At this point, you might be wondering why. Why does the world need my authentic voice (and why does the world need to see my messy house?!?)? Well, I can't speak for the world; but I do know why I need to leave an honest and true social media footprint. I was sitting in Church a few weeks ago and someone was speaking from the pulpit. In fact, he was reading. He was reading an old diary entry from an ancestor who wrote "I write for my posterity." I have no idea what the writer wrote or whether or not is was worthy of reading by his posterity, but I do know that when my loved ones around me are gone, I will search and seek to find their voices among the rubble that's left behind. I will crave and yearn to find them again. I imagine my children doing the same for me when I am gone and since I haven't used a journal since 2009, I imagine it will be a challenge for them to understand my messages to my posterity through that medium. They will inevitably look at my digital footprint and they will see that I ran a business and took lovely pictures, but I want them to be able to find me, find my voice, and even find themselves. So, I'm going to find the light and also the proverbial light in our lives and leave an authentic record of who we are and what we stand for (mess included)

So, stay tuned for my efforts to document the real light in my real life as I embark on a Challenge to Find the Light everyday.

Do you want to join me? Are you ready?

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Real light. Real life.

How to Find the Light? It's easy! Just watch for moments of beautiful light around you and capture it in your photos everyday. Post on Instagram and #findthelight #flpchallenge #lightchaser #formyposterity

Let's seek out the real moments of real beauty and real light despite our shortcomings. There is beauty in humanity and there is beauty in vulnerability. And we all have messages to share. Follow @fawnlilyphotography on Instagram to see what I come up with! www.instagram.com/fawnlilyphotography

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