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GLITTER for boys with Fawn Lily Photography

Mini Sessions are all planned out for 2018. I love having babies and kids in my Sidney BC Photography Studio to do some super creative and fun things as part of my annual mini sessions. And, let me just tell you, the 2018 Mini Session lineup is pretty exciting!

First up: Valentine's Day Glitter Mini Sessions!

While I was preparing for these sessions, I envisioned girls in flowing dresses twirling in the sparkly gold glitter. But, then I thought about my son Max. I have two boys and two girls (and I know you FLP clients have girls AND boys too) so I try and make my Minis gender-neutral as much as possible. I thought about doing a more masculine set up for Max (and your boys), but realized immediately that he would want in on the sparkly, messy fun just as much (probably more) than my girls. So, I did a little more envisioning and yesterday, we gave it a go.

I'm so happy that I kept envisioning because, it turns out, boys and glitter sessions are AWESOME! I LOVE these shots of Max with all my heart and I was so happy to give him a chance to be in the spotlight, making a huge mess, and having so much fun (until I realized that it's going to take me eternities to get all the glitter out of my house! haha!)

So, bring on the boys!

Fawn Lily Photography is a Victoria BC based Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer servicing Greater Victoria with a studio in Sidney BC.

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