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The Ocean Calls - A Getaway with Fawn Lily Photography

If you aren't from Vancouver Island, you might think I'm a bit strange. If you aren't used to the constant wet, and rain, you might think I'm a little crazy. When I pack my four kids under 6, my work cameras and lenses, and ALL our gear in our red minivan and excitedly begin our 4+ hour drive to the sandy beaches of Tofino, British Columbia, in the heart of JANUARY, you might be right.

But, then again, you might be wrong.

As I sit in a toasty cabin with my baby snoozing beside me, watching the kids chase the waves with rain swept faces and smiles that never fad, and listening to the thunderous sounds of the sea, I think for sure, I'm not crazy at all.

Winter season, storm season, is the best time for this beach, in my opinion, and we aren't even here to catch any waves in the metaphorical sense (Noelle's purpose and pleasure while we're in Tofino is to quite literally catch the waves.... or perhaps it's to let them catch her and fill up her boots...). In short, we love the stormy seas, we love the misty (at best) air, we love the majestic danger of the waves hammering into the rocky shore and all the slick surfaces our rubber boots can tread.

My favourite joys while on our annual Tofino getaway are exploring Wickaninnish Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park, eating Wildside Grill's Fish and chips, and watching my kids fall madly in love with the ocean that, like Moana, has always called out to me. There is something so incredibly peaceful to me about feeling so small (and almost irrelevant) in the face of the massive, undiscriminating ocean. It's oddly comforting for me when I realize and remember that in the vastness of the tumultuous sea, I am a mere grain of sand.

I absolutely love the freedom I feel as I traverse this beautiful wilderness with my camera in hand, and take pictures for beauty alone without my creativity and intuition bogged down by self-doubt, or expectation.

Basically, my point is, you should fall in love with the ocean (or some other awe-inspiring natural resource if the ocean doesn't do it for you) because it will make you feel good, and small, and comforted. And, I'd also like to include a shameless plug for the Ocean Village Resort. So, here it is: they provide peace and tranquility and coziness and fun. Seriously people, they have a massive shrub with kid-sized trails cut into it as a maze. And, for one rambunctious four year old, this proved the best babysitter yet!

Every single time I walked the sandy shores of McKenzie Beach, I longed for a subject to photograph. As a Victoria BC Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photographer, I ached to pose an expectant mother in a flowing red gown emerging from the misty fog, or to document a family playing and splashing in the winter water. So, if you're ready to book with Fawn Lily Photography for a stunning and beautifully artistic session, just know that I will travel the distance and will happily book sessions in Tofino BC. Please email inquiries to fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com


- Sarah

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