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Greenway Family - Victoria BC Family Photographer

Sometimes, clients become like friends.

I met Allison, Adam and two of their kiddos several years ago when we all lived in Courtenay BC. Shortly afterwards, we both moved away and had more kids. I have had the privilege of taking pictures for this sweet family as they made the effort to travel to me for Maternity pictures, Newborn pictures, Christmas pictures, and family pictures. Whew!

A few weeks ago, we met in Sidney for their Family Session. It's fall so the sun sets annoyingly early and I have a newborn so Allison happily agreed to a late afternoon session (which provided gorgeous light) and a photographer with a 4 week old baby strapped to her front. Let me just tell you here that my sweet Owen was a rockstar! I plopped him in the Ergo, shushed him once or twice, got to work, and promptly forgot he existed for the next hour as I photographed the Greenways. Score!

Anyways, sometimes, taking pictures of a family with a bunch of small children can be a daunting task (throw in the baby in the carrier and it's safe to say I was pretty nervous!). But, everything went extraordinarily well. We didn't stress "the everyone look and smile at the camera" pose, I popped on my 35mm lens, and took a lifestyle approach to this family photo session.

It just so happens that earlier in the week, I had inadvertently stumbled across the most incredible pile of leaves imaginable. So, fall lifestyle photos were pretty easy to come by... with leaves in their hair!

Whenever I show Allison a back of camera sneak peek, or she spies a sweet moment between her little children or her hubby, she sighs a big sigh and says "Awwww! My babies!" It's like clockwork, she does it every time! And I love it. I absolutely love it. This sweet mama loves her little cubs. She loves them fiercely and it's a beautiful kind of love to witness and document.

Adam, on the other hand, rarely says anything at all (to me at least). He is often a stay-at-home dad who I would venture to guess loves his children as deeply as his wife, only more stoically, more quietly. He is like a tree - strong, steady, tall - with little monkeys climbing all over him, swinging in his branches. Dad is also incredibly handsome: tall, dark, stoic - but also unassuming. I don't think he has a clue.

Anyways, it all adds up to a super fun family photo session and a wonderfully gorgeous gallery of images. It was truly a pleasure to photograph this family. Thanks for trekking out to Sidney to see me again, Greenways!

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