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Christmas Studio Minis

Round one of Studio Christmas Minis were today and they were amazing! I had lots of cuties visit my Sidney BC studio in their Christmas fancies or pjs. It was a blast! So, a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful clients who allow me to spend an entire day doing what I love: photographing children.

First up was a duo of sweet sisters. Little Miss C was teething and adjusting to daycare and as a result was super clingy to mom. We pushed on, got a little sweaty from all the work, and got some adorable shots. Next, I had a couple sweet brothers in the studio who just rocked through all my sets. Baby A had the most amazing hair, I can't wait to show you.

After the boys, I had 9 month old boy-girl TWINS B and J. Let;s just say, it was fun, but I'm so glad all of my four babies arrived individually (#twinswouldkillme). After the twinsies, I had a nice laid back time with another set of gorgeous sisters. We got to dress them up a bit and make some sweet pictures for their parents.

After a brief lunch break (let's be honest.... mostly a nurse and put the baby to sleep break), I had a lovely visit with 4 month old N who was the sweetest GIANT baby ever! I could have kept him! After Mr N, I had 5 year old L and big brother A in the studio for some lovely portraits and some silly moments too.

Next, it was a pleasure to meet Miss V who again, had the greatest hair - a head full of amazing curls . It was a good hair day today! She was such a little doll and just loved to pose for me. And finally, I had a lovely visit with Mr R and Little Miss L, who were about the sweetest little buddies ever! R was so helpful with his little sister, it was so sweet to see.

All in all, it was a super fun day! Thanks so much! You guys are the reason I have the most fun job ever! Now. I'm getting in a little sleeping baby snuggle before the editing marathon begins!


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