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Call Me Maybe.... Not

You might be wondering how best to contact me. You might think "Sarah has such a lovely voice, I'll just get her on the phone. That will be easiest."

Well, let me tell you a little story.

This morning, I was laying in bed, nursing my sweet little guy when I realized that as my husband had taken Noelle to school with the middle kids in tow, my house was quiet. Actually quiet. So, it was the perfect opportunity to change my voicemail greeting.

I had decided a few days ago to change my voicemail greeting to this :"Hello, you've reached Sarah! If you're inquiring about photographic services, please email me at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com or send me a text message. Thank you!"

And, here's the reason: I have four kids. Someone is ALWAYS screaming, crying, hollering, yelling. Always. It's just not a very conducive environment for business phone calls around here.

This morning, as I took advantage of a rare moment of peace to change my voicemail message, I went through all the menus to change my greeting, happily, surrounded by quiet. I heard the daunting "beep" which signaled for me to begin speaking and immediately Mr. Owen unlatched himself (ouch!) and started screaming. Serious screaming. Of course. I pushed through and recorded the message. "After all, maybe you can't actually hear the screaming through the phone," I thought. Well, you can. You can hear my sweet baby making himself very known through my greeting message. And, before I could redo it, the tornado and hurricane (ahem Max and Adelaide) arrived back home with dad. So, I left it.

And, I will leave it. It is like a symbol to me as a stay-at-home mom self-employed in a creative field. My voice on top of my 7 week old's cries is a mantra to me of my priorities and my life.... and the fact that it really is never ever quiet around here.

So please, do this mama of four little people AND business owner a favour and please email your inquiries. I promise, you're much more likely to get an intelligent and coherent response if small people with big voices are not fighting for my attention.

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