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My oldest had colic. She was my first; I was new, she was new. We both cried a lot. Maybe, on some level, I resent her a wee bit for the six months of non=stop screaming and zero sleep that I endured with her, Maybe. At any rate, she and I don't always connect. And, she's six, people! While I dream of our relationship during her teenager years being like Lorelai and Rory's (in the good times); I'm hugely afraid that it'll be the opposite (you know, like Lorelai and Rory's relationship in the bad times!). I'm afraid that she won't come to me, won't talk to me, won't want me.

We will have a home full of pictures and memories and smiles but it won't be deep enough. It won't be enough.

As much as I complain about my daily life characterized by poopy messes and colouring on the walls..... at least its not teenagers!

Anyways,, we still have time. So, I'm trying to connect. I'll call her to me for a snuggle and a chat. I'll engage her in our work by doing it together. I'll support her in her interests and do things one on one with her. I'll connect with her and we will grow older without fear or regret (or... at least, less fear and regret).

So please, tell me:

How do you connect with your children?

How do you ensure your relationship is rooted deep enough to stay strong during storms?

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