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When to Book your Newborn Photo Shoot | Sidney & Victoria BC Newborn Photographer

So, you're pregnant - around 12-18 weeks. First of all, congratulations! It's possible you still spend a lot of time and energy either with your head in the toilet or at least trying your darndest NOT to be sick. It's possible you've seen your sweet little nugget already, possible you've felt his tiny fluttery kicks. It's an exciting, emotional, exhausting time for sure. Perhaps you have started your lists: things to buy, things to find, things to pack, things to cook and freeze, things to clean, perhaps not. One thing you might want to consider not omitting from your list is how you plan on capturing and memorializing the precious time it is to have a newborn in the home.

As a newborn photographer in Victoria BC, I receive many inquiries regarding studio newborn portraits and the very worst feeling is when I have to turn away a mom and sweet bub due to a full schedule or because mom waited just a bit too long to contact me. So, here is my plea to you today: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! Sometime in the 2nd trimester is preferable. Now, you might be under the impression that it is a little bit crazy to plan a photo session for a human being that is not even born yet (and maybe you're right), but with all that goes into newborn photography I can only book a limited number of Newborn Sessions a month and I would hate for any parents to miss out.

In the world of babies, they are considered Newborns until they are about 3-4 months old. In the realm of Newborn Photographers, babies grow up much quicker! Generally speaking, Newborn sessions are booked within 14 days of baby's birth. This is to ensure a successful session (for example, a sleeping baby that is still curled up like a baby fresh out of the womb). By about 3 weeks old, newborns are much more alert, much less drowsy, and much more stretched out. So, please, again, don't wait too long to book your newborn session because chances are good after you give birth, a photo session might not be the most prominent thought you have.

At Fawn Lily Photography, Newborn Bookings are accepted 6 months in advance. You are scheduled in on your due date as a placeholder and then just need to touch base when baby arrives to finalize your booking. It couldn't be easier! If you're expecting in the Greater Victoria BC area, please don't hesitate to get in touch today! Inquiries are accepted via email to fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com.

Fawn Lily Photography specializes in Newborn, Maternity, Family and Child portraiture in Victoria and Sidney BC. Fawn Lily Photography serves all of Greater Victoria including Sidney, Saanichton, North Saanich, Deep Cove, Cordova Bay, Gordon Head, Victoria, Esquimalt, Colwood, Langford etc. Fawn Lily Photography's studio where Newborn sessions are held is located in Sidney BC.

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