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Why Sleeping? Sidney BC Newborn Photographer

During a Newborn Photo Session with Fawn Lily Photography, a great amount of time, energy and care is placed on trying to get your sweet baby to sleep and to stay asleep.

The studio is hot. The white noise is pounding, Baby is snuggled, shushed, and swayed. Often baby is wrapped in a complex array of wraps. Prior to your arrival you are prepped with a novel of things to go to ensure a sleepy baby. And all this to the end that your brand new bundle of joy snoozes away peacefully throughout your session - but - you might just be wondering why?

You're baby has the most gorgeous eyes - I'm absolutely sure. But, no, no I don't want to see them. And here's why:

Awake newborns are squirmy little ducks. Many are a tad grumpy unless you are filling their tummies, and very rarely do they allow me to manipulate them into the perfect newborn poses when awake. There is often a jerk of the legs, a throw of the arms, or general fussiness at me trying to delicately curl their fingers straight.

And, even if you get a remarkably calm baby who will let me do some natural posing while awake (yay!) the pictures can still end up awkward because newborns don't have great vision. They can't see me, focus on me, or connect with me. What you end up with is baby glancing off to the side,or really anywhere but me.

But just look how beautiful these sleeping little darlings are! Sleeping newborns are just perfection. And, since baby likely spends much of his first couple of weeks sound asleep (hopefully) it's an accurate recording of your life too. Great!

Fawn Lily Photography is a full service Maternity, Newborn, and family photographer located in the beautiful town of Sidney BC. Sarah specializes in studio newborn work out of her home based studio. To book or inquire, please see the Contact Tab, or email Fawn Lily Photography at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com. And don't forget to visit FLP at www.facebook.com/fawnlilyphotography for sneak peeks, and special offers!

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