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Fussy Baby? Victoria BC Baby Photographer

Sweet Esther was a few months shy of one when her mom contacted me for a Milestone Birthday Session. Mom's email inquiry was dripping with trepidation. Before dates, themes, style or anything else was discussed, she wanted to know what my strategies are for dealing with babies with pronounced wariness towards others ('stranger danger'), general neediness, clingingness, and who are just plain fussy.

While I might have been thinking to myself when corresponding with Esther's mom that putting a baby as described by her into a new environment with big equipment, new people and bright lights sounded like a nightmare, I did my best to reassure her that we would have a positive experience regardless of little Miss Fuss-pants (I can call her that because we're friends now.... kind of).

Let me tell you - mom was not exaggerating at all. Esther took one look at me, and balled. She took one look around the studio and wailed. She screamed through 3 outfit changes, three set changes, and every possible trick her parents and I could muster. Snacks seemed to work a little. Finally when I set up the hanging bottles, Esther stopped crying. Apparently the girl likes to play with anything that is not a toy. (I was really glad to have spend an hour trying to quiet her with peek-a-boo and rattles and baby songs..... ... yep.... really glad....).

But, the point is.... even fussy babies need pictures and I will try my very best to provide that service. I am a mom to 3.5 kids under the age of 6 and the first of which was colicky and did NOTHING but scream for her first 6 months of life. I never ever ever would have considered getting photos of her done.... generally, leaving the house was impossible enough. I could just imagine her screaming and crying inconsolably for the entire session and feeling like a failure of a mom because I wouldn't have been able to make her stop. Don't be like me. Please don't shy away from portraits of your children because they are fussy or difficult. Please don't be embarrassed that your baby cries, screams, throws fits, or is otherwise a miserable little person. I have so been there. The studio is a safe place. I promise no unsolicited advice and absolutely no judgment! And I promise to do my utmost to capture your sweet one in all their glory (including singing, barking, mooing, jumping, dancing.... whatever it takes). Just please, for the love of all that is holy, don't book a fussy child in for a mini session!

For all her tears and cries, Esther gave me some wonderful connection. Just look at those gorgeous eyes and that little grin!

So, to summarize, today's message is: Bring me your BABIES! I love them, even the difficult ones..... perhaps especially those ones.

Fawn Lily Photography is located in Sidney BC and specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Baby, and Family Photography. To book your custom session today please email me at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com

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