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Alyssa & Tim Wedding Portraits

I had the wonderful opportunity to take some wedding portraits for Alyssa and Tim on the eve of their nuptials last week. When they arrived at Esquimalt Gorge Park for their session, I could almost feel their excitement, nervousness and anticipation. It was just about palpable.

As I worked with them through their session and during their reception, I began to understand a little bit about these two and their love story. And, let me just say that it is an epic one. You might not be able to tell from the pictures (sarcasm), but Alyssa and Tim are so in love. Their love is eternal in the forward sense; but also in the past sense too. I'm told they found each other and loved each other since their childhood. It was such a beautiful thing to spend a bit of time with them, witnessing the pureness of their love every time they looked at each other.

As someone who is very old (31!) and several years into her own marriage, I couldn't help but feel things watching Alyssa and Tim interact, laugh together, and even just look at each other. Despite my formal education being with words, I find myself without any to express the way it pulls on my own heartstrings and refreshes my own love watching these two together. It is simply beautiful; and that's really all I can say about it.

I'm sure it wasn't always easy finding each other so young, leaving each other to serve missions and all the other complications and doubts of being young and in love, but all those things just seemed to add to the triumph of their marriage. And while my own experiences have taught me that the wedding is much more of a beginning than a finish line, I believe that Alyssa and Tim's long lasting love and the trials they've already overcome will do nothing but help them navigate the seas ahead.

They just wanted to kiss all session long. I don't blame them :)

Beautiful Bride Alyssa

The Bride and Groom

The Handsome Groom Tim

Stunningly Beautiful Alyssa

I'd say she's pretty happy too!

It was an immense joy and pleasure to photograph this lovely couple before their wedding. And I'll say it just one more time: BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful people, beautiful story, beautiful love. Congrats Alyssa and Tim!

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