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Cabrera Baby Gender Reveal

Wahoo! Mehgan is over half way through her pregnancy and they were able to find out the gender a few days ago. Last night, I met them at Elk Lake Park in Victoria BC to do a super fun gender reveal photo session with them. The Gender Reveal is the second session in the Pregnancy Progression series by Fawn Lily Photography and is so so so fun.

When I first told Mehgan what I wanted to do to announce their baby's gender, she was totally on board. Carlos was a little turned off my the "muckiness" but I think he still had lots of fun.... Do you?

Basically, I gave both Mehgan and Carlos some paint and told them to make a big mess! Carlos had a dream that the baby was a girl so he was representing with the pink paint; while Mehgan had the blue. Dressed in white, they were ready for an epic paint battle!

And.... pink wins! Carlos' dream held true as he and Mehgan are having a baby girl in October! Biggest congratulations to them! They are thrilled, and I am thrilled too. Mehgan and Carlos will be fantastic parents and their sweet little girl is so lucky to have them! (Carlos, we will work on getting over the "mucky" issue!)

What fun! Carlos and Mehgan got pretty messy but their excitement for this baby shines through.

Everybody yell "It's a Girl!"

Here they are "battling" in their paint fight.... they look a little too in love to be any good at fighting though....

The beautiful light last night meant that I had to sneak in a quick silhouette shot (or two) of the happy couple. Aren't they sweet?

I absolutely love Carlos' face in the image above. What a cheeky expression! It'll be an adventure seeing what kind of trouble this dad-to-be and his daughter will get in to....

They even have an awesome pink rocking chair already to go! Congrats on the baby girl, guys!! Don't forget to check back in August to see Mehgan and Carlos one last time for their Maternity session before the little miracle makes her appearance. Follow Fawn Lily Photography on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don't miss out! To book your own session, please visit the Investment section.

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