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A Tale as Old as Time

Yesterday afternoon, I had a bit of a surprise when I looked around and realized that I had two kids napping, leaving just one awake. That just about never happens. Often, Zach and I find ourselves staying up way too late just to have even 1/2 hour sans children. The baby is a fantastic little creature, but she does have an uncanny ability to wake up the second her siblings fall asleep. Anyways, there I was, with Adelaide in her crib and Max passed out on the couch, and Noelle exhibiting some tell=tale signs of an approaching 4 year old melt-down. I got down on the floor with Noelle and asked her if she wanted to do some pictures with me.

These days, I've had occasion to bring Adelaide into the studio often with the big kids ushered away so finally getting to play in the studio sounded like a good time to her. Even better, Mom curled her hair and did her make-up (ie. lip gloss) so we made a production out of the whole thing. Then, I brought Noelle into the studio and gave her a wonderful opportunity to choose something to wear. Amid tulle and glitter galore, she chose Princess Belle's dress. Then she chose her hair bow to match. I already had the white backdrop up so we just stuck with that. Noelle got out the white stool to sit on, and I ran inside to grab some old looking books and a rose that I had picked from the garden earlier. And that's how Noelle (age 4) styled her own Princess Belle photo shoot. She was pretty pleased with herself too!

It was lots of fun for her (and me). She got the attention she was needing (literally, all eyes were focused on her) and got to play dress-up with things that are normally off-limits for play. It was a WIN!

Stylized sessions really are GREAT FUN! Come over to my studio in Sidney BC (on location is also available) dress up and play pretend with me! It's a blast; and you get some beautiful keepsake images too.

Stylized Sessions are available in a multitude of themes and styles. They aren't at all limited by my repertoire either. If I have never done a given theme before, it's a wonderful opportunity for me to be creative to to custom design a set for you. It's a treat! (Talking about outside my repertoire, stay tuned for my blog post on the STAR WARS Birthday session I recently did).

Visit Investment/Children to learn more about my stylized children's sessions and get your imaginative juices flowing! To stay up to date with Fawn Lily Photography, follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook Page. To book, please email me at fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com

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