• Sarah

2016 Father's Day Specials

This year, Fawn Lily Photography, Sidney BC Family Photographer, has some great Father's Day Specials going on! Two awesome sessions are available for Daddy & Me and they will be offered throughout June and July so you can get the photos done for a Father's Day Gift or gift the session and do it later.

The two setups are: Daddy's Little Hero and a Daddy & Me Tea Party. Daddy's Little Hero Sessions are held in an urban setting and feature Daddy and your little one playing, and showing off some superhero capes (and moves). They are so much fun - and as you can see, pants are optional (for children.... dads, please come fully clothed!)

Daddy & Me Tea Parties are held in a beautiful field and feature a dainty tea party setup. This is so much fun! Noelle was excited for her special tea party for a week! No food or drink is provided (pretend tea parties are my favourite kinds), but you are welcome to bring along some cupcakes or macaroons should you feel the need, I do have studio dresses available to use for babies and toddlers. (up to 4T).

Zach is such a good sport modeling for me when I need a daddy - but I definitely understand that sometimes the men in our lives would rather do just about anything other than a photoshoot. I may have teased this time that I was going to have to hire someone to play our kids' dad because he was a bit grumpy about the whole thing - but in the end, I am (and he is) very happy to have these images to remember the special bond he has with his kids. Both Noelle and Max idolize their dad, and I totally understand why. He is just the very best.

This year, give the dads in your life a gift that they may not exactly want, but one that they will love for years to come nonetheless!

Please email fawnlilyphotography@gmail.com to connect with me and to book your 2016 Daddy & Me session today!