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Watters Family Session

The Watters Family - April 2016

A weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet this sweet family for some updated family portraits at a local park in North Saanich, BC. Not only did they come in super cute outfits, but the emotion between these family members was palpable. Ellen, the oldest daughter, departed just days later on an 18 month long mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Thailand. And, the photo session also marked a celebration of Maureen's recent "Cancer Free" status. So much good is happening to this family and it was a joy to document it

Beautiful Mother-Daughter Moment

I tried to capture all the love this wonderful family shares as they let their first baby go on a big adventure half way around the world. And, it wasn't even very challenging - the emotions and loved seemed pretty close to the surface.

It was important to the girls that all the family members were present for the family session, including their dog. Isn't she sweet too?

Laura and "her" dog

Sometimes, when I can push past the posing and lighting and exposure math that fills my mind during a photoshoot, I get to see and feel the pure love and joy that exists in a family, and we have a really good time together. It is a real pleasure. And the images become long-lasting emblems of that moment and legacy. What a treat!

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