Frankie's Debut - A Lifestyle Newborn Session

Sweet baby Frankie was just a few days old when I arrived as his house in Saanich BC to do a Lifestyle Newborn Session with him and his family.

He was sleeping all snug in his little cocoon when I arrived and was simply charming through out the session. Lifestyle Newborn Sessions by Fawn Lily Photography are very laid back, natural and organic. I let Franklin and co do their things and got some beautiful portraits in the process.

When he was awake, Frankie was calm and serene. He looked right at me a few times which is both unusual and beautiful for such a little baby. He is obviously very warmingly and lovingly welcomed by his mama and papa, and big siblings Esmond and Julia. What a special family!

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions are held in client homes and use varied living spaces to provide natural and beautiful portraits. They are environmental in nature and I find many people shy away from this documentary style of newborn photography because they don't have magazine-worthy living spaces.... and really, who wants to deep clean and declutter right after giving birth?!? I can't fault any one that, certainly. But still, I think there is space for more Lifestyle Newborn Sessions for everyone. While a little tidy up will probably be in order pre=session, I promise no one is asking for a perfect house. The point of a lifestyle session is to document your life and the images will be stunning even if your basement suite isn't (it's my job!).

Need more guidance on how best to prepare for a lifestyle session? Here are some tips to make your lived-in home look great in Lifestyle Portraits:

1. Hide your junk. Ok, I know I said lifestyle sessions are about capturing your real life... but we can fudge on this one particular aspect just a little. I promise I won't be photographing the inside of any closets or drawers, so stash away everything that isn't necessary. A clean, uncluttered surface will instantly give your space the appearance we are looking for. You can deal with the junk after I leave... or you know... when you have time.... in 18 years.

2. Open your curtains and blinds. Light makes everything better. I will wander your home and seek out the best light when I arrive. I may even do a bit of furniture rearranging to get it.

3. Put a clean white sheet on your master bed (and stash the not-so-pottery-barn-catalogue-quality linens in your closet (see Tip # 1). If you don't have one, I am happy to bring one along.

Generally, I like to photograph in the master bedroom, the nursery, the living room, and the kitchen, so if a little clean up is in order, those are the places worth focusing on.

To connect with Fawn Lily Photography or to book your own Lifestyle Session, please email or visit the Contact Page on this website. Please also be sure to Like and follow Fawn Lily Photography on Facebook and Instagram!

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