Flower Bonnets

I have a new obsession. And when you have three small kids, and a business to run, obsessions are very dangerous. But this one is so so easy that I think I'll make it through safely.

What is my new favourite thing to do? Well, it's making baby bonnets. A sweet baby in an adorable bonnet.... sigh.... there just isn't much better. Yesterday, I made a floppy bunny eared bonnet, a bear bonnet and a few others too.

Today, I tackled the adorable Flower Bonnet. Isn't she sweet? This particular one is for an upcoming Daisy themed Cake Smash, but I have plans to make many many many more.

You see, if you can sew a straight(ish) line and use a glue gun, you can make one of these puppies too.

To start, I upcycled some jersey fabric into a rectangle about 18inchs long by 8 inches wide. I hem the raw edges underneath and then sew two pieces of yarn or ribbon to the corners on the long edge. On the opposite long edge, I thread a piece of yarn through the hem and then pul it tight and tie it in a bow. There you go. A bonnet. Then, I used a glue gun to add the flowers. Done and done. The trickiest part is getting it on a wiggly baby.

Book your baby's Milestone or Cake Smash session today so you can come over and use my beautiful handcrafted bonnets!

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