The Milk Bath

Last time we stayed at my mother-in-laws house, she spent some time cleaning out an old hope chest full of photos. So, we all spent some time perusing them. Big laughs were shared when her 80s glamour portraits made the rounds. Big hair, bold eye shadow and dated clothing - they were fantastically terrible.

Now, I have nothing against glamour portraits. If fact, Sue Bryce, a contemporary glamour photographer is one of my idols. But the fact is, my mother-in-law's portraits were seriously out of style. And so it is with trendy photos. They are all the rage, until they aren't and your grandkids laugh at you.

I try and produce timeless portraits for my clients in Sidney BC, but every once in awhile, it's fun to throw in a new, hot trend (especially one that will get your children ridiculed as adults). So, here is our effort at the Milk Bath.

What is a Milk Bath? Well, aside from the latest trend in maternity and boudoir photography, it is a stinky tub filled with powdered milk and water and flowers and a beautiful subject.

Fair Warning: I only attempted these photos as I had left-over flowers from my birthday, and found expired powdered milk in the pantry while packing for our move to Sidney... However, I'd be happy to do it again if you absolutely love the peace and beautiful look of a child floating in a tub of milk.

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