Adelaide's Sitter Session

Six month olds are terrific! I absolutely love to do six month milestone sessions and Adelaide's was no exception.

Sweet Adelaide is 6 months! And she's awesome! She's baby #3 and is definitely, the easiest one yet! Adelaide loves to shove things into her mouth: food, toys.... anythings. She adores her brother (except when he's stepping on her. She loves to play on the floor, to be snuggled, her binkie, and her blankies.

She's a rolly-poly girl who gets around by rolling and spinning. She is figuring out how to crawl and gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth but so far, no actual crawling. She sits like a champ though.

Adelaide is a happy happy baby and a pure joy to be around. She has a big, infectious laugh that gets us all going.

She rarely cries and when she does, she knows exactly what she wants: Max to give her back her toy, to nurse, or to go to bed.

We are all smitten with this little angel and are so grateful we were blessed to have her join our family. We are excited for the opportunity to watch sweet Adelaide grow and learn each day.

Addi was a terrific little ham during her session. We set up a few different backdrops and changed her outfits and hats a billion times. Seeing as she's 6 months old in February, we did a little Valentine's Day setup too. Isn't she the cutest little cupid you've ever seen?

Her 2 year old brother, Max, jumped in for a quick kiss.

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