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Session Profile: "My Favourite Things"

I hope you'll indulge me for a few minutes here while I introduce to you my brand new sesson option: "My Favourite Things."

First up: the business.

This is a small session meant to document your child's favourite things at any given stage. It includes 10 digital image files and costs $100. The session accomodates 1 child (no family images). It may be held in studio or outdoors - but the focus of the session is on your child, so backdrops and locations will be simple and plain. Prior to the session, you and your child will need to brainstorm 5-10 favourite toys, special items, loved activities, or prominent outfit choices to bring along to be photographed with, in, or using.

"My Favourite Things" sessions by Fawn Lily Photography are a fantastic way to document your little one's growth, to mark their birthdays, or to record their interests quarterly (as we will be doing around here). Plus, they are a lot of fun! It is a special moment in a preschooler's life when things are all about them and their cherished items.

While welcome, raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens are not required.

For Noelle's January 2016 "My Favourite Things" Session, we gathered some toy dinosaurs (naturally), her "special Kiki" (aka blanket), for current favourite plush toy, MLP's Rarity, her most recent colouring project, her rubber boots, and her favourite book (surprise surprise, also featuring dinosaurs). With our arms full, we went out to the street which provided a plain and perfect background and got to work. I'm so happy to have these images to remember her childhood a little better and make her feel a little more special. Now, to print them and hang them on my walls!

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